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X-Men Review (Updated)


Release Date: 13th July 2000 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox (presents)
Marvel Entertainment (in
association with)
Donners' Company
Bad Hat Harry Productions

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 104 minutes

Budget: $75,000,000

Box Office Gross: $296,336,527 

Plot Summary
A band of unique power-
possessing mutants live in a
world where their kind is
hated and persecuted by
humans. Under the guidance
of their leader, Professor
Charles Xavier, the X-Men
strive for a world where
humans and mutants can
peacefully co-exist. The
superheroes must also
combat those radical mutants
with intentions of exterminating
the human race.

Hugh Jackman - Logan/
Patrick Stewart - Charles
Xavier/Professor X
James Marsden - Scott
Famke Janssen - Dr. Jean Grey
Halle Berry - Ororo Munroe/
Ian McKellen - Erik Lehnsherr/
Anna Paquin - Marie/Rogue
Rebecca Romjin-Stamos - 
Tyler Mane - Sabertooth
Bruce Davison - Senator
Robert Kelly
Ray Park - Toad
Shawn Ashmore - Bobby
Brett Morris - Young Magneto
Sumela Kay - Kitty Pryde (Cameo)
Katrina Florece - Jubilee (Cameo)
Donald MacKinnon - Peter Rasputin/Colossus (Cameo)
Alex Burton - John Allerdyce/Pyro

Story/Producer/Director -
Bryan Singer
Executive Producer/Based on "X Men" Comics" - Stan Lee
Based on "X-Men" Comics -
Jack Kirby
Story/Executive Producer -
Tom DeSanto
Story - Josh Whedon (Uncredited)
Screenplay - David Hayter
Producers - Lauren Shuler
Donner and Ralph Winter
Co-Producers - Joel Simon and Bill Todman Jr.
Conceptual Artists - Steve
Berg and Fireball Tim
Production Designer - John Myhre
Special Make-Up Designer - Gordon J. Smith
Costume Designer - Louise Mingenbach
Action Director - Corey Yuen
Director of Photography - Newton Thomas Siegel
Stunt Coordinators - Rick Forsayeth and
Gary Jensen
Special Effects Supervisors - Tony Kenny and
Kaz Kobielski
Special Effects Coordinator - Colin Chilvers
Visual Effects Supervisors - Michael L. Fink
and Michael J. McAlister
Visual Effects Supervisor: Hammerhead Productions -
Theresa Ellis Rygiel
Visual Effects Producer - Denise Davis
Film Editors - Steven Rosenblum, Kevin Stitt and
John Wright
Music - Michael Kamen

Having watched two known animated series and a few comics that gave me the knowledge of Marvel's favourite heroes X-MEN. I recently watched the series first instalment and I found the film to be very satisfying and imposing. It reached a great element of surprise from director Bryan Singer to accomplish X-MEN, making it a blueprint of future movies in the genre. One of the film's weaknesses was the cheesiness of few of the bad one-liners, but I was impressed with the choice of the casting. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were really suitable for their roles as leaders of both sides of mutants, Xavier and Magneto. The best actor who steals the show is Hugh Jackman for portraying convincingly as Wolverine, whereas the character is meant to be true to the comics. In the end, he succeeded very often and launched his stardom in Hollywood.

This is the most explosive beginning to the franchise and I recommend you go watch it before the next instalment. X-MEN is so good that it's one of those known movies that catapulted the superhero flick genre to re-invention.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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