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Crimson Tide Review

Crimson Tide

Release Date: 8th June 1995 - Australia

Production Companies
Hollywood Pictures
Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer

Walt Disney Studios Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 111 minutes

Budget: $53,000,000

Box Office Gross: $157,387,195

Plot Summary
No-nonsense combat veteran
Captain Frank Ramsey and
his newly instated first officer
Ron Hunter are caught in
the middle of a global crisis.
Onboard a nuclear submarine,
they're heading for Russia
where radical nationalists
are threatening to start
World War III. But when
they receive an unverified
message to launch their
missiles, Ramsey and Hunter
clash over the validity of
the orders. With nuclear
holocaust close at hand,
mutiny erupts on the sub-
pitting the entire crew against
each other in a showdown
that will decide the fate of
the world.

Gene Hackman - Captain Frank
Denzel Washington - Lt.
Commander Ron Hunter
George Dzundza - Chief of the
Boat Walters
Viggo Mortensen - Lt. Peter
"Weps" Ince
James Gandolfini - Lt. Bobby
Matt Craven - Lt. Roy Zimmer
Rocky Carroll - Lt. Darrik
Danny Nucci - Petty Officer
Danny Rivetti
Steve Zahn - Seaman William Barnes
Rick Schroder - Lt. Paul Hellerman
Ryan Phillippe - Seaman Grattam
Lilo Brancato, Jr. - Petty Officer
Third Class Russell Vossler
Daniel von Bargen - Vladimir Radchenko

Director - Tony Scott
Story/Screenplay - Michael Schiffer
Story - Richard P. Henrick
Additional Dialogue - Quentin Taratino (Uncredited)
Production Designer - Michael White
Director of Photography - Dariusz Wolski
Visual Effects Supervisor - Hoyt Yeatman
Film Editor - Chris Lebonzon
Music - Hans Zimmer


1996 Academy Awards
Best Sound - Kevin O'Connell, Rick Kline,
Gregory H. Watkins and William B. Kaplan (Nominated)
Best Film Editing - Chris Lebonzon (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing - George Watters II (Nominated)

This is a movie of a naval-drama thriller, CRIMSON TIDE packs a punch as a result of the lively writing and compels viewers with moments of tension and perfectly choreographed underwater action giving the audience an unforgettable experience. Backing this film is a bucket-load of Hollywood talent. Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington are both demonstrated top-notch acting and really convey the tension of the characters conflict of beliefs and the power struggle that occurs between these two characters on the submarine that leads to a mutiny. Joining the cast is future LOTR star to be Viggo Mortensen who was noticeable as one of the supporting leads and land-marked composer Hans Zimmer is doing the handiwork of the music that sounds like a fanfare anthem for the Navy.

I never always agree on CRIMSON TIDE since its labelled beneath on the action genre, very entertaining and dramatic, it obtains the adoration of the critics and the audience. The late Tony Scott seemed to like this movie as his magnum opus or so I thought when it was one of his successful hits. I will publish my 300th flick review, which I plan to post by next Monday.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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