Monday, 11 August 2014

Film Guru Lad's Top 6 Movies of 2012 (Updated)

Sorry, I've kept all of you viewers disappointed, I was supposed to finish and then publish the top five greatest movies for 2012. For some of whom might know, 2012 was not as an extraordinary as the year of 2011. It however, showed us some exquisite movies whether or not they are big hits or to a lesser extent, minor hits in my opinion. Now I look forward to hearing your comments about your favourite movies for 2012.

(UPDATED 27/11/14) Hi, there, ladies and gents! I would like to announce an update to this post you are reading whereby previously I only had a list of five top films but I have amended this to six top films. The reason for this is because I had forgotten of one movie to rank on the list is 'The Muppets'. It's one of those two movies that brought back the characters I knew from my childhood and you must forgive me with the delay that I hadn't had time to re-watch it until now.

#6. The Three Stooges

Not exactly the strongest comedy
in its new version did so well in 
paying homage to the classic 
shorts of the 1930's and 40's. This 
could have been accomplished
better in black and white and 
despite it's few deficits. It 
appealed to me, a fan of the 
amusing trio liked only its non-stop
hilarity of the physical and
slapstick comedy. Now when
did these three ever learn to be
idiots. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!

It's time to play the music, it's time
to light the lights, it's time to 
see the Muppets back on the big 
screen after 1999 was a flop for 
them. It's still got the same old 
magic and laughter as in the 
record, it is re-discovered to appeal 
the new generation of those who 
haven't grown up with Jim Henson's 
characters which includes Kermit, 
The Swedish Chef, Fozzie and
my favourite, The Great Gonzo. 
It also featured the new and old 
celebrity guest stars of Jack Black, 
Jim Parsons and Whoppi Goldberg.

#4. The Dark Knight Rises

the last of Christopher Nolan's 
rebooted series but not for the 
character who is soon to be in 
the new Superman movie, with 
Affleck stepping up to the mantle 
as Batman. As you know with 
Ledger unfortunately passed on, 
the Bat-saga is reduced to only 
just three. It was equally as 
entertaining as its predecessor 
and was equipped with an 
extravaganza of complexion and 
action. it hasn't gone downhill 
and it's still a superb addition to 
the director and the Bat-fandom.

#3. Hugo

It's not only a family drama
movie about a young orphan 
wanting to discover a family 
secret. This film depicts a 
lovely story about the spirit 
of rediscovering of the past 
of a legendary pioneer of the 
cinema. Director Martin 
Scorsese delights viewers with 
his unique interpretation of the 
family feature genre that is unlike 
some of his usual work that are 
not accessible for people too 
young to watch, due to the mature 
parental ratings. It's a movie that 
has a name, it's HUGO!

#2. Skyfall

I am divided on which Bond film is 
better, either it's 'Goldfinger' or 
'GoldenEye'. This one SKYFALL
compels viewers into seeing a more 
gritty and rough take of once 
gentlemanly and elegant portrayal 
of Bond. Daniel Craig continuing the 
saga of his character for the third 
time, after the disappointing fiasco 
happened in the 'Quantum of 
Solace'. I think the director tried 
to go back to the basics of the 
origins of the film like adding Q and 
creating much of the charm it owed 
to the originals. This is why it 
is the second best Bond film of all 

#1. The Avengers

It may seem impossible to create
a superhero movie that is based on
a comic book with many heroes but
to THE AVENGERS. They broken
that, thanks to the direction by Joss
Whedon, witty comedy, imploding
action and a big ensemble cast of
Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans,
Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth
and others. This top-dollar gigantic
film earns itself as the best movie
of 2012. Enough for Warner Bros
to began pre-production on the
'Justice League' film. Let's hope the
second instalment matches the
expectations and standards of
the first superhero epic.


  1. Excellent choices you have here! The Avengers is my favorite of 2012 as well, with Skyfall behind it. The Dark Knight Rises is a movie that I enjoyed a lot more the first time I watched it, with my opinion of it degrading every time I watched it. I still enjoyed, and it still makes my Top 5 of 2012, but it could have been better. The Dark Knight is still the best Batman movie as far as I am concerned.


    1. I'm glad you changed your opinion of The Dark Knight (TDK), I was beginning to think you prefer Batman Begins. You can look up now at TDK review that I made some big updates.