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Roman Holiday Review

Roman Holiday

Release Date: 27th August 1953 - USA

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures 

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: G

Runtime: 113 minutes

Budget: $1,500,000

Box Office Gross: $12,000,000

Plot Summary
A modern-day princess
"escapes" from her royal
entourage while on a trip
to Rome, and while
incognito, falls in love with
an American newspaperman.

Gregory Peck - Joe Bradley
Audrey Hepburn - Princess Anna 
Eddie Albert - Irving Radovich
Hartley Power - Mr. Hennessy 
Harcourt Williams - Ambassador 
Margaret Rawlings - Countess 

Producer/Director - William Wyler
Story/Screenplay - Dalton Trumbo 
Screenplay - Ian McLellan Hunter and  
John Dighton
Art Directors - Hal Pereira and
Walter H. Tyler
Costumes - Edith Head
Directors of Photography - 
Henri Alekan and Franz Planer 
Editor - Robert Swink
Music - Georges Auric 
Composer: Title Music - Victor Young 


1954 Academy Awards
Best Actress in a Leading Role - Audrey Hepburn (Won)
Best Writing, Motion Picture Story -
Dalton Trumbo (Won)
Best Costume Design, Black and White -
Edith Head (Won)
Best Picture - William Wyler (Nominated)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Eddie Albert (Nominated)
Best Director - William Wyler (Nominated)
Best Writing, Screenplay - Ian McLellan Hunter
and John Dighton (Nominated)
Best Cinematography, Black and White - Franz Planer
and Henri Alekan (Nominated)
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black and White -
Hal Pereira and Walter H. Tyler (Nominated)
Best Film Editing - Robert Swink (Nominated)

ROMAN HOLIDAY isn't the exact endearing classic as everyone had read in the books about actors or film and even old movie critiques. I have only once seen the film's behind the scenes story and never watched the whole entirety of the feature of its 113 minutes, until now! This old romantic comedy is certainly of a professional quality that it's being done many times after many years and takes audiences on a romantic journey filled with some laughter and joy. Quite frankly, it is in need of more drama and I just couldn't help loving the film's gorgeous scenery backdrop of Rome. I did enjoy one of its iconic moments of what happens when you place your hand in the Mouth of Truth to impress a girl? I don't mind the visible acting combination and chemistry of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, they're by all means the vital essentials to the movie. Particularly for the late actor Peck, I was beginning to respect his versatile style approach and prolific characteristics.

ROMAN HOLIDAY is a solid classic definitely worth watching once, I do feel however that I would not be inclined to watch this movie a second time. Perhaps this movie could have been improved if it be more like CASABLANCA (click here) and CITIZEN KANE of its quality.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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