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Around the World in 80 Days (2004) Review

Around The World In 80 Days

Release Date: 26th August 2004 - Australia

Production Companies 
Walden Media
Spanknyce Films
Mostow/Lieberman Productions
Studio Babelsberg
Babelsburg Film
Fitzwilliam Productions
80 Days Productions

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Comedy/Adventure

Rating: PG

Runtime: 119 minutes

Budget: $110,000,000

Box Office Gross: $72,175,895

Plot Summary
Phileas Fogg is an 
inventor living in 
Victorian England. He 
believes he can travel 
around the world in 
80 days. Another 
inventor challenges 
him to make the trip, 
and Phileas agrees. 
Accompanying Phileas 
on his journey are 
his manservant 
Passepartout and 
Monique, a beautiful 
navigator. Utilizing a 
variety of transportation 
means and Passepartout's 
martial arts skills, the 
trio embarks on a globe-
spanning adventure.

Steve Coogan - Phileas Fogg
Jackie Chan - Passepartout/Lau Xing
CĂ©cile de France - Monique Laroche
Robert Fyfe - Jean Michel
Jim Broadbent - Lord Kelvin
Ian McNeice - Colonel Kitchener
David Ryall - Lord Salisbury
Roger Hammond - Lord Rhodes
Adam Godley - Mr. Sutton
Karen Mok - General Fang
Ewen Bremmer - Inspector Fix
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Prince Hapi (Cameo)
Yin Tze Pan -  Lau Xing's Mother
Yotaka Cheukaew - Little Jing
Sammo Kam-Bo Hung - Wong Fei Hung
Prasit Wongrakthai - Man Ting
Daniel Wu - Bak Mei
Rob Schneider - San Francisco Hobo (Cameo)
Luke Wilson - Orville Wright (Cameo)
Owen Wilson - Wilbur Wright (Cameo)
Mark Addy - Steamer Captain (Cameo)
John Cleese - Grizzled Solider (Cameo)
Will Forte - Young Bobby (Cameo)
Kathy Bates - Queen Victoria (Cameo)
Director - Frank Coraci
Based on Novel "Around the World in Eighty Days" - Jules Verne
Screenplay - David N. Titcher, David Benullo and David Andrew Goldstein
Executive Producers - Willie Chan, Solon So, Alex & Alexandra Schwartz and Phyllis Alia
Co-Executive Producers - Jeff Goeffray and Walter Josten
Producers - Hal Lieberman and Bill Badalato
Co-Producers - Henning Molfenter and Thierry Potok
Production Designer - Perry Andelin Blake
Costume Designer - Anna Sheppard
Director of Photography - Phil Meheux
Special Effects Supervisors - Gerd Nefzer and Kit West
Visual Effects Supervisor - Jessica Norman
Film Editor - Tom Lewis
Music - Trevor Jones

Over the years there have been several movie adaptations that were based around Jules Verne's classical novel AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. When it comes to the book, you could either revisit the notable 1956 classic or explore the loose modern interpretation with martial arts superstar Jackie Chan. Some consider this version to be an unfaithful translation of the original storyline. This interpretation is not improved by the participation of Chan and Happy Madison director Frank Coraci. The experimentation with the action and comedy in a globetrotting adventure set in the 19th century were not in the original novel. The humour is necessary for this 2004 flop, but the changes throughout the entire story are a quick turn-off to those that were Vernians. The character of Passepartout was rewritten from a Frenchman into an Asian which explains how he is idly portrayed by Chan in the movie.

The Chinese action star at the time was making a poor string of a few heavily CGI-laden movies that were released between his successful RUSH HOUR and SHANGHAI NOON series. There is no excuse for Jackie Chan being in the movie. He is a full-time stunt expert and comic genius that oftentimes felt out of place in this film that killed all the other planned adaptations. Steve Coogan does a good impression in portraying the well-mannered and quirky inventor Phileas Fogg, but he winds up playing the foil to Chan's character rather than the main hero of the story as it was intended. There were many cameos in the movie from other stars from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Will Forte in his debut.

Overall, while this adaptation was forgettable at best, it could have been a lot worse. This movie is not for Vernians, is it barely based on the source material. If you aren't a Vernian, you may actually find the feature more enjoyable.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

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