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Zootopia Review


Release Date: 17th March 2016 - Australia

Production Companies 
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Animation Studios 

Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 108 minutes 

Budget: $150,000,000

Box Office Gross: $1,023,784,195 (Worldwide)

Plot Summary
All animals live together 
in the city of Zootopia, 
but when Officer Judy 
Hopps arrives as the 
first bunny on the police 
force, she doesn't fit 
the way she thought 
she would. 

In order to prove herself 
she tries to track down 
 (fox) Nick Wilde, who has 
go on the run after being 
framed for a crime that 
he did not commit.

Both Judy and Nick find 
themselves at the centre
of a conspiracy, and they 
must work together in 
order to get to the bottom 
of their problems.

Voice Cast
Ginnifer Goodwin - Lt. Judy Hopps
Jason Bateman - Nick Wilde
Idris Elba - Chief Bogo
J. K. Simmons - Mayor Lionheart
Jenny Slate - Bellwether
Nate Torrence - Clawhauser
Alan Tudyk - Duke Weaselton
Octavia Spencer - Mrs. Otterton 
Shakira - Gazelle
Tommy Chong - Yax
Bonnie Hunt - Bonnie Hopps
Don Lake - Stu Hopps
Raymond S. Persi - Flash
Maurice LaMarche - Mr. Big
Della Saba - Young Judy
Kath Soucie - Young Nick
Phil Johnston - Gideon Grey
John DiMaggio - Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.
Gita Reddy - Nangi
Jesse Corti - Mr. Manchas
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Finnick
Leah Latham - Fru Fru
Rich Moore - Doug
Kristen Bell - Priscilla
David Campbell - David
Koalabell (Cameo) (Australia/
New Zealand only)

Story/Directors - Byron Howard 
and Rich Moore 
Story/Screenplay/Co-Director - 
Jared Bush
Story/Screenplay - Phil Johnston 
Story - Josie Trinidad, Jim
Reardon & Jennifer Lee
Executive Producer - John Lasseter
Producer - Clark Spencer
Production Designer - David Goetz
Co-Production Designer - Dan Cooper
Character Designer - Shiyoon Kim
Character Designer/Art Director: Characters - Cory Loftis
Head of Animation - Renato Dos Anjos 
Co-Head of Animation - Tony Smeed
Animation Supervisiors - Nathan Engelhardt, 
Jennifer Hager, Robert Huth, 
Kira Lehtomaki and Chad Sellers
Head of Effects - Cesar Velazquez
Visual Effects Supervisor - Scott Kersavage
Film Editors - Fabienne Rawley 
and Jeremy Milton
Music - Michael Giacchino 

Given in recent years, the renewal of the Disney animation department reaching its peak since the largely infamous FROZEN grossed a billion at the box office. Though it's been years since the craze of that landmark movie ended and two years after BIG HERO 6 (click here). The studio has unveiled its 55th feature and latest production ZOOTOPIA - it's a different spin to the animal kingdom. This animated feature has a Midas touch and it brought complexity to the story and characters. I've been noticing the liberties of inspiration that it has taken from Disney's early movie and cult classic ROBIN HOOD. It tackles the hot button issues of real life society like prejudice and police bias that are often integrated into an anthropomorphic world of CGI. Disney is clever at grafting these messages into entertaining stories with a high standard of quality animation. It must mean that ZOOTOPIA is now a better movie than FROZEN and a breadwinner of the animation unit of the house of the mouse.

ZOOTOPIA had a wide range of celebrity voice talents with many well known actors selected for major parts. One of the best is Ginnifer Goodwin who voices the officer with a cottontail - Judy Hopps and is the kid-friendly version of the character seen in HOT FUZZ (click here) except without the self confidence. I wasn't sure about her previous work in ONCE UPON A TIME, but her contribution to this film as the voice of Judy in ZOOTOPIA was excellent. Jason Bateman was sophisticated and witty in voicing the sly fox - Nick Wilde. We would have related to his character's  background more if his character was more prominent in the story and it'd be closer to the film's original vision. Idris Elba was known to many Marvel fans as Hemdall when he lends his booming distinctive voice as Chief Bogo, head of police - similar to his role as another authoritative figure in PACIFIC RIM (click here).

I would hope to see ZOOTOPIA again if it is available in other formats, it may be the best Disney animated feature released since THE LION KING (click here). Audiences of all ages will enjoy viewing the unforgettable world of ZOOTOPIA and understand its message.

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever 

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