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Finding Dory Review

Finding Dory

Release Date: 16th June 2016 - Australia

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 103 minutes

Budget: $200,000,000

Box Office Gross: $1,028,570,889

Plot Summary
One year after her
journey with Nemo,
Dory is on an adventure
to find her family. They
are finally reunited but
not after everyone learns
a few things about the
meaning of family from
the adventure.

Voice Cast
Albert Brooks - Marlin
Ellen DeGeneres - Dory
Sloane Murray - Baby Dory
Hayden Rolence - Nemo
Ed O'Neill - Hank
Diane Keaton - Jenny
Eugene Levy - Charlie
Kaitlin Olson - Destiny
Ty Burrell - Bailey
Idris Elba - Fluke
Dominic West - Rudder
Bob Peterson - Mr. Ray
Andrew Stanton - Crush/Seagull
Bennett Dammann - Squirt
Bill Hader - Husband
Kate McKinnon - Fish Wife
Angus MacLane - Charlie Back-and-Forth
Sigourney Weaver - Herself
Alexander Gould - Passenger Carl/Tommy
John Ratzenberger - Bill
Torbin Xan Bullock - Gerald/Becky
Willem Dafoe - Gil
Brad Garrett - Bloat
Allison Janney - Peach
Austin Pendleton - Gurgle
Stephen Root - Bubbles
Vicki Lewis - Deb
Jerome Ranft - Jacques

Original Story/Screenplay/
Director - Andrew Stanton 
Co-Director/Additional Screenplay Material - Angus MacLane
Screenplay - Victoria Strouse 
Additional Screenplay Material - Bob Peterson 
Executive Producer - John Lasseter
Producer - Lindsey Collins
Production Designer - Steve Pilcher
Director of Photography: Camera - Jeremy Lasky
Film Editor - Axel Geddes
Music - Thomas Newman

In 2015, the release of INSIDE OUT (click here) shows that the company PIXAR is back on the track to produce high-quality animated features with meaningful plots and colourful characters and was followed by THE GOOD DINOSAUR. However, it wasn't over that in 2016, a sequel that isn't part of the TOY STORY series is released by PIXAR as FINDING DORY. The new sequel revolves around the iconic but goofy and forgetful fish character from the original FINDING NEMO (click here) as she embarks on a discovery to reunite with her long-lost family. It may seem for DORY to be an attempt from PIXAR to shoehorn a breakout character to be the main lead as it has happened before with that hick tow-truck Mater in CARS 2. I'm just glad these animators have learned their lesson and though the story is much less meaningful compared to the first instalment. It manages to still create an emotional journey about reuniting with family.

I remember Ellen DeGeneres' voice of Dory as being highly energetic in FINDING NEMO and she continues to be that same character while she also portrayed softer tones for dramatic scenes. Actor/comedic veteran Ed O'Neill plays an unfriendly octopus Hank who has a huge chip on his tentacle. 

This picture may not win over a few bitterly disappointed fans that have grown up with the title character as well as its predecessor. I'll look forward to re-watching it on Blu-ray as it is defintely one to add to the collection. I'm still not a big fan of FINDING DORY and NEMO, but it's a must see film for all ages. This has been a intriguing review from RadDingo, over and out.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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