Monday, 11 July 2016

WarGames: The Dead Code Review


Release Date: 17th December 2008 - Australia
(Direct to Video)

Production Companies
Metro Goldwyn-Mayer

Genre: Drama

Rating: M

Runtime: 96 minutes

Plot Summary
When Will Farmer hacks 
into a restricted network 
of online gaming known 
only as R.I.P.L.E.Y. (Ripley), 
he stumbles onto a national 
defense system designed 
to ferret out fledging 
terrorist cells...and becomes 
Ripley's next target! His 
identity compromised, 
his family and friends 
jeopardised and his 
hometown in the crosshairs 
of an automated military 
response, Will's only hope 
to clear his name lies in 
beating Ripley at her own 
game. But when the game 
escalates to the next level, 
it becomes a race against 
time to stop Ripley from 
unleashing Armageddon!

Matt Lanter - Will Farmer
Amanda Walsh - Annie D'Mateo
Colm Feore - T. Kenneth Hassert/
Joshua (Voice)
Chuck Shamata - Bill Carter
Maxim Roy - Tina Rashie
Nicolas Wright - Dennis Nichols
Gary Reineke - Stephen Falken
Susan Glover - Gail Farmer
Trevor Hayes - Agent Aaron Scott
Vlasta Vrana - Ivan Prokosh
Ricky Mabe - Newman (DNI Tech)
Claudio Black - R.I.P.L.E.Y. (Voice)

Director - Stuart Gillard
Based on Characters - Lawrence Lasker and Walter F. Parles
Story - Rob Kerchner
Story/Screenplay - Randall Badat
Executive Producers - Hudson Hickman and Sara Berrisford
Producer - Irene Litinsky
Production Designe - Guy Lalande
Director of Photography - Bruce Chun
Editor - Robin Russell
Music - John Van Tongeren

I've always hated the idea that most classic movies like WARGAMES (click here) have horrendous sequels that were lower-budgeted and released straight to DVD. THE DEAD CODE was produced twenty-five years after the original movie but none of the actors want to return in this atrociously bad instalment. Neither Matthew Broderick nor Ally Sheedy will be making their cameo appearances in this unneeded cash-grab. It was a huge attempt into turning WAR GAMES into a continuing series with each movie being more thrilling and more complex to the classic original. The storyline was a perfect retread to the original WAR GAMES, but would have had a spot of redemption if the sequel was nonexistent and had been used in the future remake.

Matt Lanter and Amanda Walsh are the main actors of the redundant sequel and neither of them showed any good acting skill and the mundane, second-rate direction could not save the film. Their two performances weren't exactly the best and more likely to come out as the worst in history.

THE DEAD CODE is best-referred as a sequel that nobody wants to see and has to be booted out of the franchise completely. None of you cinema-goers will ever want to watch this one as THE DEAD CODE is enough to drop your IQ points by thirty. So stay tuned for the next review, folks!

Star rating: (3/10) Disappointing

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