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Hellboy Review


Release Date: 19th August 2004 - Australia

Production Companies 
Revolution Studios (presents)
Lawrence Gordon Productions
Starlite Films
Dark Horse Entertainment (in association with)

Sony Pictures Australia 

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 117 minutes

Budget: $66,000,000

Box Office Gross: $99,318,987 

Plot Summary 
Born in the flames of Hell
and brought to Earth as an
infant to perpetrate evil,
Hellboy was rescued from
sinister forces by the
benevolent Dr. Broom, who
raised him to be a hero. In
Dr. Bloom's secret Bureau
of Paranormal Research
and Defence, Hellboy
creates an unlikely family
consisting of the telepathic
"Mer-Man" Abe Sapien and
Liz Sherman, the woman he
loves who can control fire.
Hidden from the very society
that they protect, they stand
as the key line of defence
against an evil madman who
seeks to reclaim Hellboy to
the dark side and use his
powers to destroy mankind.

Ron Perlman - Hellboy
John Hurt - Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm
Selma Blair - Liz Sherman
Rupert Evans - John Myers
Karen Roden - Grigori
Jeffrey Tambor - Tom Manning
Doug Jones - Abe Sapien
David Hyde Pierce - Abe Sapien (Voice) (Uncredited)
Brian Steele - Sammael
Ladislav Beran - Kroenen
Bridget Hodson - Ilsa
Corey Johnson - Agent Clay
Kevin Trainor - Young "Broom"
Brian Casper - Agent Lime
James Babson - Agent Moss
Stephen Fisher - Agent Quarry
Garth Cooper - Agent Stone
Angus MacInnes - Sgt. Whitman
Jim Howick - Cpl. Matlon
Millie Wilkie - Young Liz

Story/Screenplay/Director - 
Guillermo Del Toro
Story - Peter Briggs
Based on Dark Horse Comic
Producer/Visual Consultant -
Mike Mignola
Executive Producer - Patrick J. Palmer
Producers - Lawrence Gordon, Mike Richardson and Lloyd Levin
Production Designer - Stephen Scott
Makeup Consultant: Hellboy/Special Effects Director - Rick Baker
Costume Designer - Wendy Partridge
Director of Photography - Guillermo Navaro
Special Effects Supervisors - Nick Allder and David Beavis 
Visual Effects Supervisor - Edward Irastorza
Film Editor - Peter Amundson
Music Supervisors - Peter Afterman and Margaret Yen
Music - Marco Beltrami

The character HELLBOY was first created by Mike Mignola and entered its publication at Dark Horse Comics in 1993. Every avid comic book reader would have an issue or maybe one of the series. In the mid and late 2000s, two movies were adapted from the same source material and they were produced by director Guillermo Del Toro. Prior to his success of later films he directed such as PAN'S LABYRINTH and PACIFIC RIM (click here). He was known early in 2002 for the last horror themed superhero action movie BLADE II. A movie that may have influenced him to direct the two features of HELLBOY and so far introduced him to Hollywood fame. The first installment may have went abroad after the release of SPIDER-MAN 2 (click here) in the same year, it has action and good wit to keep the fandom and audiences amazed and overjoyed. Even the dark tone of the comics from the creator's vision is enough to excite them all for one film.

Non A-lister Ron Perlman was very fascinating for the performance of the title character that has the gruff persona and a soft spot. John Hurt is well-suited as he plays the fatherly figure to the protagonist. 

HELLBOY is much to be behold, but it doesn't captivate audiences like the way other films do. I however considered it a great movie and highly recommend it.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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