Monday, 7 April 2014

Pacific Rim Review (Updated)

Pacific Rim

Release Date: 11th July 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Legendary Pictures
Disney Double Dare You (DDY)

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 131 minutes

Budget: $190,000,000

Box Office Gross: $411,002,906

Plot Summary
When legions of monstrous 
creatures, known as the 
Kaiju, started rising from 
the sea, a war began to 
take that millions of lives 
and consume humanity's 
resources for years on end. 
To combat the giant Kaiju; 
a special type of weapon 
was devised: massive robots 
are called Jaegers, which 
are controlled simultaneously 
by two pilots whose minds 
are locked in a neural 
bridge. But even the Jaegers 
are proving to be nearly 
defenceless in the face of 
the relentless Kaiju. 

On the verge of defeat, the 
forces defending mankind 
have no choice but to turn to 
two unlikely heroes-a washed 
up former pilot and an 
untrained trainee who are 
teamed to drive a legendary 
but seemingly an obsolete 
Jaeger from the past. Together, 
they stand as mankind's last 
hope against the mounting 

Charlie Hunnam - Raleigh Becket 
Idris Elba - Stacker Pentecost 
Rinko Kikuchi - Mako Mori
Charlie Day - Dr. Newton Geiszler
Max Martini - Herc Hansen
Robert Kazinzky - Chuck Hansen
Ron Perlman - Hannibal Chau
Burn Gorman - Dr. Hermann Gottlieb
Clifton Collins, Jr - Ops Tendo Choi 
Diego Klattenhoff - Yancy Becket
Mana Ashida - Young Mako
Robert Maillet - Lt. S. Kaidanovsky
Heather Doerksen - Lt. A. Kaidanovsky
Charles, Lance & Mark Luu - Wing Triplets
Ellen McLain - Gipsy Danger AI (Voice)
Joe Pingue - Captain Merrit
Paul Michael Wyers - Young Raleigh
Tyler Stevenson - Young Yancy
Jane Watson - Raleigh and Yancy's Mum
Robert Morse - Raleigh and Yancy's Dad
Peter Kosaka - Young Mako's Father
Yiren Stark - Young Mako's Mother
Trek Buccino - Young Newt
Drew Adkins - Young Gottlieb     

Screenplay/Producer/Director - Guillermo del Toro
Story/Screenplay - Travis Beacham
Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager - 
Callum Greene
Producers - Jon Jashni, Mary 
Parent and Thomas Tull
Co-Producer - Jillian Share
Production Designer - Andrew 
Neskoromy and Carol Spier
Costume Designer - Kate Hawley
Director of Photography - Guillermo Navarro
Visual Effects Supervisors - John Knoll 
and James E. Price
Visual Effects Co-Supervisors: ILM - Lindy DeQuattro 
and Eddie Pasquarello
Animation Supervisor - Hal T. Hickel
Film Editing - Peter Amundson 
and John Gilroy
Music - Ramin Djawadi

For years there are people had only sought out a real movie about mechas fighting against giant monsters. These audiences instead had to satisfy this crave by watching Michael Bay's series of TRANSFORMERS. It has been a long time coming for a director creative and daring enough to create a visual epic about machines doing battle with huge monsters. This film ended up as a reverence to the mecha anime programs and the old Kaiju movies. PACIFIC RIM creates a world filled with these two retro sci-fi fantasies which feels like a crazy dream. Impossible for Hollywood that it's not going to work and proven so far to be ingeniously awesome. To take a look back, the characterisations and writing have turned out brilliant and the idea of the film has its roots from the mind of the director Guillermo del Toro of the HELLBOY fame.

However, the film's acting is above exceptional with the new actors proving their worth as credible Hollywood celebrities. Few of the purely recognised actors are there as the supporting leads. Idris Elba was perfect for the role as the Marshal and this film-maker had cast him for his seriousness. Perhaps the director cast him after seeing him in THOR (click here) as the bridge keeper and recognising his strength to portray a character who is a leader or an almost godlike figure. More of the show-stealing actors Ron Perlman and Charlie Day are surprisingly featured in this film. For Perlman, the cult movie actor performs gracefully as an arms dealer with an over the top performance. He had been considered as the director's lucky charm when he previously starred in almost all of his successes. 

Most notable aspect of PACIFIC RIM is the visual rendering that helped to create the biggest of the creatures and the machines. Without the use of its CGI, the movie could have eventually ended up residing into a cheap low budgeted film.

This is not another movie directed by Michael Bay with his huge explosions, seen in many of his guilty pleasures. PACIFIC RIM managed to pull off the impossible and has cemented itself as one of the few movies in this category. I rank it in the scale of movies that are excellent and it's a colossal type of motion picture that never ceases to amaze me.

Star rating: (9/10) Excellent Movie


  1. Excellent review! I agree with you on all points. Pacific Rim was all kinds of awesome. Even though Transformers was fun, Pacific Rim was so much better. It is the mecha movie that we needed. It was such a great movie, and I loved the references to Neon Genesis Evangelion.


    1. I'll respect your comment briefly but I'll need to think about watching Neon Genesis Evangelion in every episode.