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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Release Date: 17th November 2016 - Australia 

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Heyday Films

Roadshow Distribution 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: M

Runtime: 133 minutes

Budget: $180,000,000

Box Office Gross: $814,037,575

Plot Summary
The year is 1926, and Newt Schamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. Arriving in New York for a brief stopover, he might have come and gone without incident, were it not for a No-Maj named Jacob, a misplaced magical case, and the escape of some of Newt's fantastic beasts, which could spell trouble for both the wizarding and the No-Maj worlds. 

Eddie Redmayne - Newt Schamander
Colin Farrell - Percival Graves
Ezra Miller - Credence Barebone
Ron Perlman - Gnarlack
Katherine Waterston - Tina
Samantha Morton - Mary Lou
Jon Voight - Shaw Senior
Carmen Ejogo - Seraphina Picquery
Dan Fogler - Jacob Kowalski
Faith Wood-Blagrove - Modesty Barebone
Jenn Murray - Chastity Barebone
Kevin Guthrie - Mr. Abernathy
Alison Sudol - Queenie
Johnny Depp - Gellert Grindelward
Zoe Kravitz - Lestrange
Peter Breitmayer - Mr. Bingley
Ranon Raftery - Langdon Shaw
Josh Cowdery - Henry Shaw Jr.
Ellie Haddington - Mrs. Esposito
Martin Oelbermenn - Heinrich Eberstadt
Gemma Chan - Madam Ya Zhou
Christian Dixon - Momolou Wotorson
Wunmi Mosaku - Beryl

Director - David Yates
Based on Novel "Fantastic
Beasts and Where to Find
Them"/Writer/Producer -
J. K. Rowling
Executive Producer/Unit
Production Manager - Tim Lewis
Executive Producers - Neil Blair
and Rick Senat
Producers - David Heyman,
Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram
Co-Producer/Unit Production
Manager - Michael Sharp
Production Designers - Stuart
Craig and James Hambridge
Costume Designer - Colleen Atwood
Director of Photography - Philippe Rousselot
Film Editor - Mark Day
Special Effects Supervisor - David Watkins
Visual Effects Supervisors - Tim Burke, Ferran Domenech,
Anthony Dunifer, Andy Kind and Christian Manz
Music - James Newton Howard
Composer: Theme "Harry Potter" - John Williams

The HARRY POTTER film series was thought to have been concluded when DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 (click here) opened in July 2011 and put the future movies to rest before FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM was officially announced. Even after I had seen the prequel spin-off that is attracting a huge crowd while it is earning total income at the box office, I feel that FANTASTIC BEASTS should be another beginning of the franchise and was enough to expand the mythological aspects that glorifies the series of why they became such a phenomenon. J. K. Rowling is truly a writer who knows every spell of magic and is every step of writing a fantasy book or story to keep it treasured to all Muggles. David Yates returns to direct this feature, but you don't see many of the original actors around.

FANTASTIC BEASTS is a major assemblage of extraordinary visuals, bits of colourful laughter and an ensemble cast contained such celebrities as Colin Farrell, Katherine Waterson, Dan Fogler, Ezra Miller whom all had a huge part to play with their characters. It is the noted English acting thespian Eddie Redmayne who gets the standout role of Newt Schamander, a misguided wizard who has to retrieve his magical creatures before they can unleash the dangers into both worlds. Redmayne was a generous actor who had just went through famous roles as Stephen Hawking and a transvestite and had the misfortune of being in an antagonist role in JUPITER ASCENDING (click here) was suited for the character with his awkwardness. Johnny Depp is featured in a surprised guest appearance of the film as the evil wizard Grindleward and I hoped to see more of his role in the upcoming sequels.

With the announcement of five more films in the series, I find that the first instalment is a great start and definitely worth-watching on its own merits. I look forward to seeing the magic again, if it greatly benefits the newborn franchise.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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  1. Nice review! I agree, a good start for the new franchise, and worth watching on its own too. I do think there's room for improvement, but I enjoyed the characters so much that I'll probably want to see the rest no matter.