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Jupiter Ascending Review

Jupiter Ascending

Release Date: 19th February 2015 - Australia

Production Companies
Warner Bros. Pictures
Village Roadshow Pictures
Anarchos Productions (in association with)
RatPac Dune Entertainment (in association with)

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 127 minutes

Budget: $176,000,000

Box Office Gross: $183,987,723

Plot Summary
In the future, a young 
destitute human woman 
gets targeted for assassination 
by the Queen of the Universe, 
and begins her destiny to 
finish the Queen's reign. 

Mila Kunis - Jupiter Jones
Channing Tatum - Caine Wise
Sean Bean - Stinger Apini
Eddie Redmayne - Balem Abrasax
Tuppence Middleton - Kalique Abrasax
Douglas Booth - Titus Abrasax
Nikki Amuka-Reid - Diomika Tsing
Christina Cole - Gemma Chatterjee
Nicholas A. Newman - Nesh
Ramon Tikaram - Phylo Percadium
Arizona Bakare - Greeghan
Maria Doyle Kennedy - Aleksa
Frog Stone - Aunt Nino
David Ajala - Ibis
Doona Bae - Razo
Gugu Mbatha-Raw - Famulus
Edward Hogg - Chicanery Night
Tim Pigott-Smith - Malidictes
James D'Arcy - Maximilian Jones
Jeremy Swift - Vassily Bolotnikov
Kick Gurry - Vladie
Larrisa Kouznetsova - Irina
Demetri Theodorou - Moltka
Lieve Carchon - Lyudmila
Oleg Nasobin - Zeno
Emily Warren - Mikka
Vanessa Kirby - Katherine Dunlevy
Spencer Wilding - Falque
Andy Ahrens - Dante Rothmere
Charlotte Beaumont - Kiza
Samuel Barnett - Advocate Bob
Terry Gilliam - Seal and Signet Minister
Hazel D'Jan - Shiro Miku

Writers/Producers/Directors - Andy &
Lana Wachowski
Executive Producers - Bruce Berman and
Steven Mnuchun
Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager - Roberto Malerba
Producer/Unit Production Manager - Grant Hill
Co-Producer/First Assistant Director - Terry Needham
Production Designer - Hugh Bateup
Costume Designer - Kym Barrett
Director of Photography - John Toll
Visual Effects Supervisors - Dan Glass, 
Michael Mulholland and David Rouxel
Visual Effects Designer - John Gaeta
Visual Effects Consultant - Marc Kolbe
Creative Director - Charles Darby
Film Editor - Alexander Berner
Music - Michael Giacchino

Based from what I've heard about JUPITER ASCENDING, it's a colossal space epic that is much like THE PHANTOM MENACE (click here) as both movies were ambitious and fallen over through the over-reliance of CGI and incoherence of the plot. Unlike the Star Wars prequel that started it all to become an unexpected hit aside its misgivings, JUPITER bombed all of its income at the box office and didn't do well deservingly with criticism either, nothing more could be done to continue the directional efforts of The Wachowskis. Strictly speaking, the siblings have not done a bad film of their own since MATRIX REVOLUTIONS - it being the lacklustre conclusion to the MATRIX seriesJUPITER is too much a confusing, over-the-top sci-fi melodrama with most parts that shouldn't exactly belong here as there are some lines of wooden dialogue that'll ruin the whole feature.

The acting from such notable actors as Eddie Redmayne and Channing Tatum put me in no mood for me of liking their bad acting. I could never expect the award winning British actor like Eddie would do such a thing in starring in this unpromising feature, given he had already been an exclusive actor for his Oscar winning portrayal of Stephen Hawking. But God help us he can't even get a villainous portrayal right for which he can only do in a whisper and yell like an overgrown spoiled child when angry. The only performances from the best actors I can compliment on JUPITER is Mila Kunis and Sean Bean and it's a pity their talents were wasted as the film succumbs itself into a big cluster of visual spectacles. 

The Wachowskis could at least do some better work on the script, acting and editing. Even it is moments away from being the worst science fiction film, this movie is almost as bad as BATTLEFIELD EARTH (click here). Never more will I go through watching JUPITER ASCENDING again as much I can appreciate its visual design and its creative approach, it's more common to a less average film as some should believe.

Star rating: (3/10) Disappointing

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