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X-Men: First Class Review (Updated)

X-Men: First Class 

Release Date: 2nd June 2011 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Marvel Entertainment
Bad Hat Harry 
The Donners' Company
Ingenious Media (produced in 
association with)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 131 minutes

Budget: $160,000,000

Box Office Gross: $353,624,124

Plot Summary
Before Charles Xavier and 
Erik Lehnsherr became 
Professor X and Magneto, 
they were two young men 
discovering their powers 
for the first time. Before 
they were enemies, they 
were the closet of friends 
and gathered an elite team 
to form the X-Men in an 
attempt to prevent World 
War III.

James McAvoy - Charles
Xavier/Professor X
Michael Fassbender - Erik 
Jennifer Lawrence - Raven
Kevin Bacon - Dr. Klaus
Schmidt/Sebastian Shaw
Rose Byrne - Moira MacTaggert 
January Jones - Emma Frost 
Nicholas Hoult - Dr. Hank
Oliver Platt - Man in Black Suit
Ray Wise - The United States
Secretary of State
Zoe Kravitz - Angel Salvadore
Caleb Landry Jones - Sean
Lucas Till - Alex Summers/
Edi Gathegi - Armando
Jason Flemyng - Azazel
Alex Gonzalez - Janos
Glenn Morshower - Col. Rob Hendry
Annabelle Wallis - Amy
Don Creech - Agent Stryker
Beth Goddard - Mrs. Xavier
Laurence Belcher - Charles Xavier (12 Years)
Morgan Lily -  Young Raven (10 Years)
Hugh Jackman - Logan/
Wolverine (Cameo) (Uncredited)
Rebecca Romjin - Mystique - Older (Cameo) (Uncredited)

Screenplay/Director - Matthew 
Based on "X-Men" Comics/
Executive Producer - Stan Lee
Based on "X-Men" Comics - Jack Kirby
Story - Sheldon Turner
Story/Producer - Bryan Singer
Screenplay - Ashley Edward 
Miller, Zack Stentz and Jane
Executive Producers - Tarquin
Pack and Josh McLaglen
Producers - Lauren Shuler 
Donner, Simon Kinberg and 
Gregory Goodman
Co-Producer - Jason Taylor
Production Designer - Chris 
Costume Designer - Sammy 
Special Makeup Designer - Mike Elizade 
Makeup and Hair Designer - Frances Hannon
Makeup Designer: Beast - Tom Woodruff Jr.
Makeup Supervisor: Beast - Dave Elsey
Director of Photography - John Matheson
Stunt Coordinators - Jeff Habberstad and 
Tom Struthers
Special Effects Supervisor - Chris Corbould
Visual Effects Designer - John Dykstra
Visual Effects Supervisor: Digital Domain -
Jay Barton
Animation Supervisor - Bernd Angerer
Film Editors - Lee Smith and
Eddie Hamilton
Music - Henry Jackman

An end to the marathon of the X-MEN quadrilogy reviews brings to this fifth instalment. Fundamental to the plot of this film is the themes that includes best friends turning foes. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS revitalises the franchise with a whole new fresh style that puts the franchise back on its feet after having disappointed fans with THE LAST STAND (click here) and ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (click here). The original maker of the series Bryan Singer has returned to co-supervise this film's production and sat on the producer's chair. Director Matthew Vaughn had never done any other superhero features apart from the violent and profane KICK-ASS. His sheer mad genius of direction is combined with Singer's perfection and plausible heartbeats in the original plot. 

I applaud the new cast for taking on the original generation of X-Men and few of the old characters in their young versions. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were well-picked to look as young than the two actors that have both originally played Xavier and Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence is flawlessly outstanding as the blue shape-shifter Mystique and playing this soon-to-be future henchwoman is like a dream come true for her. Kevin Bacon manages to portray the vile and even sinister Sebastian Shaw in this undiluted prequel.

The series has been redeemed by the acceptable quality of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. I do classify it as a great superhero movie; it is more likely to appeal the fans of the original comic book. That is all with the X-MEN movie marathon unless there's a chance to watch DAYS OF FUTURE PAST to finish the list. 

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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