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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review (Updated)

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Release Date: 19th May 2011 - Australia

Production Companies
Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Walt Disney Pictures 

Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures Australia

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: M

Runtime: 147 minutes

Budget: $250,000,000

Box Office Gross: $1,045,713,802

Plot Summary
When Jack crosses paths
with a woman from his past,
he's not sure if it's love - or
if she's a ruthless con artist
who's using him to find the
fabled Fountain of Youth.
When she forces him aboard
the Queen Anne's Revenge,
the ship of the formidable
pirate Blackbeard, Jack
finds himself on an
unexpected adventure in
which he doesn't know who
to fear more: Blackbeard or
the woman from his past.

Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow
Penelope Cruz - Angelica
Ian McShane - Edward "Blackbeard" Teach
Geoffrey Rush - Captain Hector Barbossa
Kevin McNally - Joshamee Gibbs
Sam Cliffin - Philip Swift
Astrid Berges-Frisbey - Syrena
Stephen Graham - Scrum
Keith Richards - Captain Teague
Richard Griffiths - King George
Greg Ellis - Lt. Commander Theodore Groves
Damian O'Hare - Gillette
Oscar Jaenada - The Spaniard
Sebastian Armesto - King Ferdinand
Anton Lesser - Lord John Carteret
Roger Allam - Prime Minister - Henry Pelham
Christopher Fairbank - Ezekiel
Paul Bazely - Salaman
Bronson Webb - Cook
Richard Thomson - Derrick
Yuki Matsuzaki - Garheng
Robbie Kay - Cabin Boy
Gemma Ward - Tamara - First Mermaid
Judi Dench - Society Lady (Cameo)

Director - Rob Marshall
Based on Novel: On Stranger Tides/Suggestion -
Tim Powers
Screen Story/Based on Characters/Screenplay/
Executive Producers - Terry Rossio & Ted Elliott
Based on Characters - Stuart Beattie &
Jay Wolpert
Executive Producers - John DeLuca, Chad Oman,
Mike Stenson and Barry H. Waldman
Producer - Jerry Bruckheimer
Production Designer - John Myhre
Costume Designer - Penny Rose
Director of Photography - Dariusz Wolski
Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator - George Marshall Ruge
Sword Master/Fight Coordinator/Stunt Double: Geoffrey Rush - 
Thomas DuPont 
Special Effects Supervisor - John Fraizer
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Ben Snow
Visual Effects Supervisor - Matt Dessero
Second Unit Director/Visual Effects Supervisor -
Charles Gibson
Creature Supervisor - Kaori Ogino
Film Editors - David Brenner & Wyatt Smith
Additional Editing - Michael Kahn
Music - Hans Zimmer

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES was simple and shorter than the last two films which I didn't get to watch both of them as I would have done it ages ago. The visual effects were advanced and stunning and the 3D aspect of the movie improved the effects of the movie. The direction by Rob Marshall wasn't half as bad as other reviewers have said it. I probably enjoy the acting of Johnny Depp and newcomers Ian McShane and Penelope Cruz. I loved the intense part of the film where it involved killer mermaids. 

ON STRANGER TIDES was better than the last two films or so I think it was in my opinion. Most people would disagree about the feature as they preferred its iconic predecessor. In all, Jerry Bruckheimer has done a wonderful job with the film and there's a talk of the fifth coming out and so does the sixth.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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  1. By the look of your review it seems like a good movie I'll have to go see it