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Raiders of the Lost Ark Review (Updated)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Release Date: 13th August 1981 – Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures (presents)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Rating: M

Runtime: 115 minutes

Budget: $18,000,000

Box Office Gross: $389,925,971

Plot Summary
The year is 1936. A professor who
studies archeology named Indiana
Jones is venturing in the jungles in
South America searching for a
golden statue. Unfortunately, he
sets off a deadly trap doing so,
miraculously, he escapes. Then,
Jones hears from a museum curator
named Marcus Brody about a
biblical artifact called The Ark of
the Covenant, which can
hold the key to humanly
existence. Jones has to
venture to vast places such
as Nepal and Egypt to find
this artifact. However, he
will have to fight his enemy
Rene Belloq and a band of
Nazis in order to reach it.

Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones
Karen Allen – Marion Ravenwood
Paul Freeman – Dr. Rene Belloq
Ronald Lacey – Major Arnold Toht
John Rhys-Davies – Sallah
Denholm Elliot – Dr. Marcus Brody
Wolf Kahler – Colonel Dietrich
Alfred Molina – Satipo
George Harris – Captain Katanga
Anthony Higgins – Major Gobler
Vic Tablian –  Barranca/
Monkey Man
Don Fellows – Colonel Musgrove
William Hootkins – Major Eaton

Director – Steven Spielberg
Story/Executive Producer/Film Editor
(Uncredited) – George Lucas
Story – Philip Kaufman
Screenplay – Lawrence Kasdan
Producer – Frank Marshall
Executive Producer – Howard G. Kazanjian
Production Artist – Ron Cobb
Production Designer – Norman Reynolds
Costume Design – Deborah Nadoolman
Director of Photography – Douglas Slocombe
Stunt Coordinator – Glenn Randall Jr
Mechanical Effects Supervisor – Kit West
Visual Effects Supervisor – Richard Edlund
Film Editor – Michael Kahn
Sound Designer – Ben Burtt
Music – John Williams


1982 Academy Awards
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration – Norman Reynolds,
Leslie Dilley & Michael Ford (Won)
Best Sound – Bill Varney, Steve Maslow,
Gregg Landaker & Roy Charman (Won)
Best Film Editing – Michael Kahn (Won)
Best Visual Effects – Richard Edlund, Kit West,
Bruce Nicholson & Joe Johnston (Won)
Special Achievement Award – Ben Burtt (Won)
Best Picture – Frank Marshall (Nominated)
Best Director – Steven Spielberg (Nominated)
Best Cinematography – Douglas Slocombe (Nominated)
Best Original Score – John Williams (Nominated)

Despite being made in the collaboration of George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK is an amazing but enjoyable adventure movie that has lots of action and humour. This film contains scenes such as Indiana being chased by the boulder at the start of the film, descending into the pit of snakes even with his fear of snakes and a fight scene between Indy and a bald and burly German mechanic. I liked the acting of Harrison Ford, he's terrific for the part of the main hero Indiana Jones as well as the performance of the love interest Marion for Miss Karen Allen. John Williams' truly breathtaking music score is one other factor I loved about in RAIDERS. It evokes the classic compositions shown in the atmosphere of the old action/adventure serials from the 1930s and early 40s.

RAIDERS was a brilliant start of the franchise and is followed by a prequel and two sequels (minus one) not to be missed by fans of the series.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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  1. This is another one of my favorites. I have always liked this since I was a little kid.