Monday, 2 May 2011

The Benchwarmers Review (Updated)

The Benchwarmers

Release Date: 16th May 2006 - Australia

Production Companies
Revolution Studios
Happy Madison Productions

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 80 minutes

Budget: $33,000,000

Box Office Gross: $64,957,291

Plot Summary
For anyone who's ever 
been picked on, put down 
or pushed around, you 
heroes are here!. Rob 
Schneider, David Spade 
and Jon Heder star as three 
older guys who know what 
it's like to be bulled. After 
catching some nasty 
neighbourhood kids picking 
on a friend's son, they 
strike back by forming a 
three-man baseball team 
to challenge the state's 
best Little Leaguers. Now, 
cheered on by every nerd, 
geek and misfit from every 
town, these underdogs are 
about to have a field day 
in this grand slam comedy.

Rob Schneider - Gus
David Spade - Richie
Jon Heder - Clark
Jon Lovitz - Mel
Craig Kilborn - Jerry
Molly Sims - Liz
Tim Meadows - Wayne
Nick Swardson - Howie
Erinn Bartlett - Salad Girl/
Amaury Nolasco - Carlos
Max Prado - Nelson
Reggie Jackson - Himself
James Earl Jones - Darth 
Vader (Voice) (Cameo)

Director - Dennis Dugan
Screenplay - Allen Covert
Screenplay/Co-Producer - 
Nick Swardson
Producers - Jack Giarraputo 
& Adam Sandler
Cinematography - Thomas 
E. Ackerman
Music - Waddy Wachtel
Film Editing - Peck Prior 
and Sandy S. Solowitz

For those of you Australians who have learned the history or played the sport of baseball in the USA. THE BENCHWARMERS is all but comical hilarity that consists of nerve racking action and some funny parts or quotes like the Hot Potato scene. I didn't come this way to see the film in its meaningful story-line. For none of you who would know, I'm just in for the laughter. 

Overall, the three major-star cast of Jon Heder, David Spade and Ron Schneider were all above great in their leading roles. I enjoyed the cameo of baseball legend Reggie Jackson, though I never heard of him since I am technically not from America as well as the presence of K.I.T.T and Darth Vader. In the movie, there is also a very interesting minor character I would like best portrayed by Nick Swardson is the one who was afraid to go out into the sun.

THE BENCHWARMERS is a good sports comedy for it's the least I battered up the respect of that movie. It's nowhere near closer to that Adam Sandler movie which specialises a theme of golf and it's an comedy produced by the very same man.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie


  1. it was a good movie I think it could of had a better ending I liked the mega glove part and clark thinking apple pie gives you diarrhea

  2. It was a great movie had lots of comedy and great review