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Die Hard Review (Updated)

Die Hard

Release Date: 6th October 1988 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox
Gordon Company
Lawrence Gordon Productions
Silver Pictures

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M (Not Suitable for
Young Children)

Runtime: 126 minutes

Budget: $28,000,000

Box Office Gross: $140,767,956

Plot Summary
New York City detective
John McClane, who's in Los
Angeles to spend the holidays
with his estranged wife Holly,
is waiting for her office party
to end, when terrorists take
control of the building. As
their sinister leader, Hans
Gruber, and his savage
henchman round up hostages,
McClane gets ready to
blast a few rounds of his
own and launch a one-man
war - as only McClane can!

Bruce Willis - John McClane
Alan Rickman - Hans Gruber
Alexander Godunov - Karl
Bonnie Bedelia - Holly Gennaro-McClane
Reginald VelJohnson - Sgt. Al Powell
Paul Gleason - Dwayne T. Robinson
De'voreaux White - Argyle
William Atherton - Richard Thornburg
Hart Bochner - Harry Ellis
James Shigeta - Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi

Director - John McTiernan
Based on Novel "Nothing Lasts Forever" -
Roderick Thorp
Screenplay - Jeb Stuart & Steven E. de Souza
Producers - Lawrence Gordon & Joel Silver
Production Designer - Jackson DeGovia
Director of Photography - Jan De Bont
Visual Effects Producer - Richard Edlund
Film Editors - Frank J. Urioste & John F. Link
Music - Michael Kamen


1989 Academy Awards
Best Sound - Don J. Bassman, Kevin F. Cleary,
Richard Overton & Al Overton Jr. (Nominated)
Best Film Editing - Frank J. Urioste &
John F. Link (Nominated)
Best Sound Editing - Stephen Hunter Flick &
Richard Shorr (Nominated)
Best Visual Effects - Richard Edlund, Al Di Sarro,
Brent Boates & Thaine Morris (Nominated)

DIE HARD was simply an action-packed bonanza which has all the elements such as, explosions and action sequences that you would want a film to have and it creates some tough competition for rivals such as LETHAL WEAPON and later SPEED (click here). This movie started a tradition where other features began to imitate its original concept and plot and have shared its impact to many different results. The only positive thing in this feature is the acting performances of Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman who play both characters, one of them is a hero and the other is a villainous psychopath.

I have only seen several DIE HARD movies like the third and the latest addition LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, but the original was definitely a great and memorable film to experience for action movie fans.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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