Thursday, 30 August 2012

Moonwalker Review


Release Date: 26th December 1988 - Australia

Production Companies
Ultimate Productions

Genre: Musical

Rating: PG

Runtime: 89 minutes

Budget: $22,000,000

Plot Summary
A true collector's treasure,
Moonwalker combines
Michael Jackson's greatest
videos with rare clips from
his early days in the Jackson
5, live concert and Grammy
performances. Also included
is a wild adventure film
written by Michael Jackson
himself, allowing a rare and
unique glimpse into the
creative mind of this musical

Michael Jackson - Himself
Kellie Parker - Katie
Sean Lennon - Sean
Brandon Quintin Adams - Zeke
"Baby Bad" Michael (Smooth
Criminal)/Kid MJ (Badder)
Joe Pesci - Frankie "Mr. Big"

Producer/Director - Jerry Kramer
Directors - Jim Blashfield
("Leave Me Alone") &
Colin Chilvers ("Smooth
Story ("Smooth Criminal")/
Executive Producer/
Singer - Michael Jackson
Screenplay ("Smooth
Criminal') - David Newman
Producers - Dennis E. Jones & Paul Diener ("Leave Me Alone")
Choreographer - Vincent Paterson
Co-Choreographer - Jeffrey Daniel
Production Designers - Bryan Jones & Michael G. Ploog
Make-up Supervisor - Rick Stratton
Costume Designer - Betty Pecha Madden
Cinematographers - Thomas E. Ackerman, Robert E. Collins,
Frederick Elmes, John Hora & Crescenzo G.P. Notarile
Special Visual Effects Supervisor - Hoyt Yeatman
Clay Animation ("Speed Demon") - Will Vinton
Film Editors - Dale Beldin, David E. Blewitt & Mitchell Sinoway
Music - Bruce Broughton & Ladysmith Black Mambazo

In celebration of what could have been the 54th birthday of the late and famous singer and artist Michael Jackson, here's a review of his movie that I wrote for MOONWALKER. To me, it wasn't so bad and who cares if his film doesn't have a plot, but it is a one journey trip to this experience that features the King of Pop's imagination. I won't spoil anything from the whole movie, but I loved the amazing dance sequence "Smooth Criminal" which is the biggest highlight of all and I am surprised that one of the kids from the final segment was played by John Lennon's son Sean.

This is a must-see for people including myself are fans of the late King of Pop and I still love his dance moves, his videos and most importantly, his music.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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