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Top Gun Review (Updated)

Top Gun

Release Date: 13th July 1986 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: PG

Runtime: 110 minutes

Budget: $15,000,000

Box Office Gross: $356,830,601

Plot Summary
Maverick is a hot pilot. 
When he encounters a 
pair of MiGs over the 
Persian Gulf, his wingman 
is clearly outflown and 
freaks. On almost no fuel, 
Maverick is able to talk 
him back down to the 
Carrier. When his wingman 
turns in his wings, Maverick 
is moved up in the standings 
and sent to the Top Gun 
Naval Flying School. There 
he fights the attitudes of 
the other pilots and an old 
story of his father's death in 
combat that killed others 
due to his father's error. 
Maverick struggles to be 
the best pilot, stepping on 
the toes of his other students 
and in a different way to 
Charlie, a civilian instructor 
to whom he is strongly 

Tom Cruise - Lt. Pete
"Maverick" Mitchell
Kelly McGillis - Charlotte
"Charlie" Blackwood
Anthony Edwards - Lt. (JG)
Nick "Goose" Bradshaw
Meg Ryan - Carol Bradshaw
Val Kilmer - Lt. Tom "Iceman"
Rick Rossovich - Lt. (JG) Ron
"Slider" Kerner
Tom Skerritt - Commander
Mike "Viper" Metcalf
Michael Ironside - Lt.
Commander Rick "Jester"
John Stockwell - Lt. Bill
"Cougar" Cortell
Tim Robbins - Lt. Sam "Merlin"
Whip Hubley - Lt. Rick
"Hollywood" Neven
James Tolkan - Commander
Tom "Stinger" Jordan

Director - Tony Scott
Based on Magazine Article
"Top Guns" - Ehud Yonay
Writers - Jim Cash & Jack Epps Jr.
Producers - Jerry Bruckheimer
& Don Simpson
Aerial Consultant - Richard T. Stevens
Director of Photography - Jeffrey L. Kimball
Supervisor of Special Photographic
Effects - Gary Gutierrez
Film Editors - Chris Lenbenzon
& Billy Weber
Songs - Giorgio Moroder
Lyrics - Tom Whitlock
Music - Harold Faltermayer


1987 Academy Awards
Best Music, Original Song "Take My Breath Away" -
Giorgio Moroder & Tom Whitlock (Won)
Best Sound - Donald O. Mitchell, Kevin O'Connell,
Rick Kline & William B. Kaplan (Nominated)
Best Film Editing - Billy Weber & Chris Lenbenzon
Best Sound Editing - Cecelia Hall & George Watters II

Very remarkable, but a total high-flying action movie. TOP GUN has done well with its perfectly choreographed flight sequences, amazing cinematography and even the romantic chemistry between the characters that are played by Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. The film provides great acting, the best would be Cruise for his unforgettable role as Maverick. Terrific 80's songs such as Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" and Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" and the music score by Harold Faltermeyer are the last to be suited in this airborne drama of overall superb quality.

Way superior than the last jet movie STEALTH (click here) which fails to bring any amazement. TOP GUN is certainly a unique one from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and the now late director Tony Scott and I'm putting this on my top action feature list.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever

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  1. I really need to watch this sometime, good review.