Friday, 28 September 2012

Hotel Transylvania Review

Hotel Transylvania

Release Date: 20th September 2012 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures (presents)
Sony Pictures Animation

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 105 minutes

Budget: $85,000,000

Box Office Gross: $358,375,603

Plot Summary
Dracula, who operates a
high-end resort away from
the human world, goes into
overprotective mode when
a boy discovers the resort
and falls for the count's
teen-aged daughter.

Voice Cast
Adam Sandler - Dracula
Selena Gomez - Mavis
Andy Samberg - Jonathan
Kevin James - Frank/Frankenstein
CeeLo Green - Murray
Steve Buscemi - Wayne
Molly Shannon - Wanda
David Spade - Griffin the Invisible Man
Fran Drescher - Eunice
Jon Lovitz - Quasimodo
Sadie Sandler - Young Mavis/Winnie
Jackie Sandler - Martha
Chris Parnell - Mr. Fly
Rob Riggle - Skeleton Husband

Director - Genndy Tartakovsky
Story - Todd Durham, Dan
& Kevin Hageman
Screenplay - Peter Baynham
Screenplay/Executive Producer -
Robert Smigel
Executive Producers - Adam Sandler
& Allen Covert
Producer - Michelle Murdocca
Character Designers - Carter Goodrich,
Carlos Grangel & Craig Kellman
Head of Story - Kaan Kalyon
Production Designer - Marcelo Vignali
Senior Animation Supervisor - James Crossley
Visual Effects Supervisor - Daniel Kramer
Film Editor - Catherine Apple
Music - Mark Mothersbaugh

I've seen a lot of Genndy Tartakovsky's animated Cartoon Network series like SAMURAI JACK, DEXTER'S LABORATORY, the first CLONE WARS series and two episodes of SYM BIONIC TITAN, after all these years, I always knew that he would someday direct a movie. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA has most of the laughter, but I didn't get some of the jokes. One thing that I want to check on is the voice acting, I'll start off with Selena Gomez who's not as bad as Miley Cyrus, but I'm glad that she replaced her for the role of Mavis and I knew Adam Sandler would act so over-the-top as Dracula, but he does go dramatic in a few scenes. There's also one thing that I find interesting on TRANSYLVANIA is the use of the word 'racist' which has never been heard in an animated kids movie.

Sure it was Tartakovsky's first film that he had done, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is a little-bit haunting, but a very entertaining feature and make sure you monster fans go see it on to the big screen.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie


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