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Jumper Review (Updated)


Release Date: 14th February 2008 - Australia

Production Companies
20th Century Fox (presents)
Regency Enterprises (presents)
New Regency

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 84 minutes

Budget: $85,000,000

Box Office Gross: $222,231,186

Plot Summary
David Rice is a young
man who knows no
boundaries -- a Jumper,
born with the uncanny
ability to teleport
instantly to any place
on Earth. When he
discovers others like
himself, David is thrust
into the midst of an
ancient war while being
hunted by a bloodthirsty
band of zealots sworn
to destroy all Jumpers.

Now, David's extra-
ordinary gift may be his
only hope for survival!

Hayden Christensen - David Rice
Rachel Bilson - Millie Harris
Samuel L. Jackson - Roland Cox
Jamie Bell - Griffin O'Connor
Diane Lane - Mary Rice
Teddy Dunn - Mark Kobold
Max Thieriot - 15-Year Old David
Ryan Grantham - 5-Year Old David
Annasophia Robb - Young Millie
Jess James - Young Mark
Michael Rooker - William Rice
Kristen Stewart - Sophie
Barbara Garrick - Ellen
Meredith Henderson - Fiona

Director - Doug Liman
Based on Novel "Jumper" - 
Steven Gould
Screenplay - David S. Goyer 
and Jim Uhls
Screenplay/Producer - 
Simon Kinberg
Associate Producer/Second Unit Director/
Stunt Coordinator - Simon Crane
Producers - Arnon Milchan, Lucas Foster and
Jay Sanders
Production Designer - Oliver Scholl
Costume Designer - Magali Guidasci
Director of Photography - Barry Peterson
Visual Effects Producer/Supervisor - Kevin Elam
Visual Effects Supervisors - Joel Hynek,
Colin & Greg Strause and Andy Williams
Visual Effects Supervisors: Weta Digital - Dan Lemmon
and Erik Winquist
Film Editors - Saar Klein and Don
& Dean Zinnerman
Music Supervisor - Julliane Jordan 
Music - John Powell 

A lacklustre feature that is missing a humanised spark, I just felt as though it was an effort to watch this engaging sci-fi concept as revealed in JUMPER. Fittingly, it didn't deserve any equals for having the plot without much decency and it was immediately evident to me that the film interpretation was uninteresting. This movie also has a real Star Wars connection with two of the actors who appeared in the franchise before like Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson. Talking about the both actors, the underrated one-timer Christensen has yet again failed to make the main character likeable and just edgier. Having redeemed himself with a decent performance in REVENGE OF THE SITH (click here) to the eyes of some, I just don't think that he is an appropriate actor for this role. L. Jackson and the other co-star Jamie Bell were significantly better than Hayden and from my perspective were the stand-out performers of this dreadful film.

Overall, JUMPER has failed me to understand about the nature of this movie that it failed to please all viewers, perhaps they were hungry for more awesomeness and power-pack to keep this product at large and healthy and maintain the areas of a solid novel-to-movie adaptation from director Doug Liman and his associates.

Star rating: (2/5) Bad Movie

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