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The Road to El Dorado Review (Updated)

The Road to El Dorado

Release Date: 7th September 2000 - Australia

Production Companies
DreamWorks SKG
DreamWorks Animation

20th Century Fox Australia 

Genre: Animation/Family 

Rating: PG

Runtime: 89 minutes

Budget: $95,000,000

Box Office Gross: $76,432,727

Plot Summary
Upon landing on the 
shores of El Dorado, 
the legendary Lost 
City of Gold, Tulio 
and Miguel are 
mistaken for gods 
and are lavished 
with riches beyond 
their wildest dreams. 
As friendship, loyalty 
and greed collide, 
our unlikely heroes 
must make the 
decision of their 
lives: run off with 
the gold or face 
up to unforeseen 
dangers to save the 
people of El Dorado... 

Voice Cast
Kevin Kline - Tulio
Kenneth Branagh - Miguel 
Rosie Pérez - Chel
Armand Asseste - Tzezel-Kan
Edward James Olmos - Chief 
Jim Cummings - Hernán Cortéz
Frank Welker - Altivo

Directors - Eric "Bibo" 
Bergeron and Don Paul
Additional Sequences - Will Finn 
and David Silverman
Writers - Ted Elliot and Terry 
Additional Dialogue - Karey 
Executive Producer - Jeffrey Katzenberg
Co-Executive Producer - Bill Damaschke
Producers - Bonne Radford 
and Brooke Breton 
Production Designers - Vicky 
Jenson and Christian Schellewald 
Artistic Supervisor: Story - Ronnie Del Carmen 
Artistic Supervisor: Story/Head of Story - Jeff Snow
Songs - Elton John
Lyrics - Tim Rice
Film Editors - John Carnochan, Vicki Hiatt, 
Dan Molina and Lynne Southerland
Music - Hans Zimmer and John Powell

As a kid in the year 2000, the full-length animated movie of THE ROAD TO EL DORADO came out and I used to enjoyed it all the time with so much fondness of two of its main characters. In an interesting story of its part historical revisionism that during its making, the comical duo were meant to be the humorous sidekicks and steal the spotlight like in the instance of Timon and Pumbaa for Disney's THE LION KING (click here). But this is the reason why the animation team wanted to make something different in changing these two characters as the real main heroes. Dominating the film are marrying the classical and CGI animation into one mixture and also the great background songs (excluding one which isn't entirely background) from the unforgettable pop star Elton John.

While I did enjoy the soundtrack in this feature, there is no comparison to THE LION KING as these songs weren't very memorable to begin with (apart from the number "It's Tough To Be a God"). More praise in forward are the two renowned actors Kevin Kline and Kenneth Brannagh for the non-stop vocalisation of the leads Tulio and Miguel and I almost forgot about Edward James Olmos for doing one of the voices in the movie.

Bursting in out-pitched laughter with joy, but nearly shining as a best effort from the animation studio of DreamWorks. EL DORADO is still entertaining and most unfortunate that it could have ruled the seven seas of the box office with the unlikeable duo and have easily been made by Disney not DreamWorks. 

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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