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Now You See Me Review (Updated)

Now You See Me

Release Date: 8th August 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Summit Entertainment (presents)
K/O Paper Products
See Me Louisiana

Hopscotch Films

Genre: Thriller

Rating: M

Runtime: 116 minutes

Budget: $75,000,000 

Box Office Gross: $351,723,989 

Plot Summary
An FBI agent and an 
Interpol detective track 
a team of illusionists who
pull off bank heists during
their performances and
reward their audiences
with the money. NOW 
YOU SEE ME pits an
elite FBI squad in a game 
of cat and mouse against
the Four Horsemen, a super-
team of the world's greatest 

The Four Horsemen pull 
off a series of daring heists
against corrupt business
leaders during their
performances, showering
the stolen profits on their
audience while staying
one step ahead of the law.

Jesse Eisenberg - J. Daniel 
Mark Ruffalo - Dylan Rhodes
Woody Harrelson - Merritt 
Isla Fisher - Henley Reeves
Dave Franco - Jack Wilder
Morgan Freeman - Thaddeus 
Michael Caine - Arthur Tressler
Mélanie Laurent - Alma Dray
Michael Kelly - Agent Fuller
Common - Agent Evans
David Warshofsky - Cowan
José Garcia - Etienne Forcier
Jessica Lindsey - Hermia
Caitriona Balfe - Jasmine Tressler
Stephanie Honore - Atlas Groupie
Conan O'Brien - Himself 
Diego Mero - Dylan (12 Years Old)
Elias Koteas - Lionel Shrike (Uncredited)

Director - Louis Leterier
Story/Screenplay/Executive Producer - Boaz Yakin
Story/Screenplay - Edward Ricourt
Screenplay - Ed Solomon
Executive Producer - Michael Schaefer
Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager - 
Stan Wlodkowski
Producers - Bobby Cohen, 
Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci
Head Magic Consultant - David Kwong
Production Designer - Peter Wenham
Costume Designer - Jenny Egan
Directors of Photography - Mitchell Amundsen
and Larry Fong
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Craig Hammack
Senior Visual Effects Supervisor - Nicholas Brooks
Film Editors - Robert Leighton and
Vincent Tabaillon 
Music - Brian Tyler

This film was an astonishing surprise and I wasn't expecting it to be a decent film at the start, until it actually began to dazzle me with its twists and turns. NOW YOU SEE ME is a detailed portrayal of a heist plot mixed with a hybrid of magicians and trickery, doing a Robin Hood robbery. The movie is cleverly imposed like the broad and ambitious visions revealed in INCEPTION (click here). The characters conduct themselves deviously and include a suave style which compliments the stylised nature of their personalities. The director Louis Leterrier is really successful at creating mystery, suspense, fun and magic in a complex and twisted storyline that compels viewers from the beginning to the end. The film isn't as flawed as critics and other people say to complain about its twist ending.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman were all professionally committed to their roles and demonstrated the finest acting money could buy, the leading role for this film could perhaps have been better suited to Cillian Murphy or Jim Sturgess.

I have values for this ingenious picture with a lesser budget than INCEPTION but it isn't a sci-fi themed caper of going into people's dreams, it's just showcasing elaborate illusions, tricks and action. It is my recommendation that if you enjoyed this film that you also watch similar magic-themed non-heist movies THE PRESTIGE and THE ILLUSIONIST for obvious comparisons to NOW YOU SEE ME.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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