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Reign of Fire Review (Updated)

Reign of Fire

Release Date: 31st October 2002 - Australia

Production Companies
Spyglass Entertainment
Touchstone Pictures
Tripod Entertainment
World 2000 Entertainment
The Zanuck Company

Walt Disney Studio Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: M

Runtime: 101 minutes

Budget: $60,000,000

Box Office Gross: $82,150,183

Plot Summary
In present-day London, 
twelve-year-old Quinn 
watches as his mother, a 
construction engineer, 
inadvertently wakes an 
enormous fire-breathing 
beast from its centuries-
long slumber. Twenty years 
later, much of the world 
has been scarred by the 
beast and its offspring. 

As a fire chief, Quinn is 
responsible for warding off 
the beasts and keeping a 
small community alive as 
they eke out a meager 
existence. Into their midst 
comes a hotshot American, 
Van Zan who says he has 
a way to kill the beasts and 
save mankind - a way 
Quinn's never seen done.

Christian Bale - Quinn Abercromby
Matthew McConaughey - Denton
Van San
Izabella Scorupco - Alex Jensen
Gerard Butler - Creedy
David Kennedy - Eddie Stax
Scott Mouter - Jared Wilke
Alexander Siddig - Ajay
Ned Dennehy - Barlow
Rory Keenan - Devon
Terence Mayward - Gideon
Doug Cockle - Goosh
Randall Carlton - Burke
Chris Kelly - Mead
Ben Thornton - Young Ben
Alice Krige - Karen Abercromby

Director - Rob Bowman
Story/Screenplay - Gregg
Chabot & Kevin Perteka
Screenplay - Matt Greenberg
Producers - Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum
and Lili Fini & Richard D. Zanuck
Co-Producers - Chris Chrisafis, Derek Evans, James Flynn, Morgan O'Sullivan, Rebekah Rudd and Dean Zanuck
Production Designer - Wolf Kroeger
Costume Designer - Joan Bergin
Director of Photography - Adrian Biddle
Visual Effects Supervisor - Richard R. Hoover
Co-Visual Effects Supervisor - Dan DeLeeuw
Creature Supervisor - Rob Dressel
Film Editors - Declan McGrath and Thom Noble
Music - Ed & Brad Wagner

Incomparable to anything I have seen before and could be described as a bit weird, this film belongs to the genre of a post apocalyptic/fantasy film by the director Rob Bowman. REIGN OF FIRE delivers a story that mashes up two genres, but it is with disappointment to say, its story ends up so underdeveloped. It somehow just ended up a letdown of sorts, sadly more of a less than a fiery grandiose epic than viewers were promised. It's more like a B-grade picture that falls short from reaching its true potential. I just found it a little underwhelming and packed with too much typical glamorised action and not enough intellect used into story development.

Featuring actors like Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey, also complimenting the great cast are co-stars like Gerard Butler and Izabella Scorupco. The effects for the dragons were really spectacular and horrifying. This is a real testament to CGI magic that created the menacing beasts and also created a very believable world in ruins during a post apocalyptic event. There is some room for improvement with the script and story. If this had of been given more attention, this movie would be much better. 

I must say even though I have awarded this movie a disappointing three stars, that these are three very well earned stars. What this movie does do right it does very right. Incredible action sequences, explosions and edge of your seat moments. Good quality acting and realistic effects with appropriate use of soundtrack during most of the scenes.

For this case, I label REIGN OF FIRE personally as a film with great potential which unfortunately did not reach its high standard due to the weaknesses I have mentioned. In the end, it was an average movie which I would not care to watch again.

Star rating: (3/5) Average

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