Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Land Before Time Review

The Land Before Time

Release Date: 16th September 1989 - Australia

Production Companies
Universal Pictures
Amblin Entertainment
Lucasfilm Ltd (Uncredited)
Sullivan Bluth Studios

Universal Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 69 minutes

Budget: $12.5,000,000

Box Office Gross: $84,460,846 

Plot Summary
An orphaned brontosaurus 
named Littlefoot sets off 
in search of the legendary 
Great Valley. A land of lush 
vegetation where the 
dinosaurs can thrive and 
live in peace. Along the 
way he meets four other 
young dinosaurs, each 
one a different species, 
and they encounter several 
obstacles as they learn 
to work together in order 
to survive.

Voice Cast
Gabriel Damon - Littlefoot
Pat Hingle - Narrator/Rooter
Cadance Hudson - Cera
Judith Barsi - Ducky
Will Ryan - Petrie
Helen Shaver - Littlefoot's 
Bill Erwin - Grandfather
Burke Byrnes - Daddy Topps

Production Designer/
Storyboard Artist/Producer/
Director - Don Bluth
Story - Judy Freudberg 
and Tony Geiss
Screenplay - Stu Krieger
Executive Producers - 
Steven Spielberg and 
George Lucas
Producer - Gary Goldman
Directing Animator/Producer - 
John Pomeroy
Film Editors - Dan Molina 
and John K. Carr
Music - James Horner

Years ago, legend filmmaker Steven Spielberg teams up again with Star Wars entrepreneur and his co-making partner of Indiana Jones, George Lucas and animator Don Bluth to create a special animated movie about dinosaurs. No I'm not talking about JURASSIC PARK (click here) where it hasn't been made till 1993, were gotta take a nostalgia trip one of the old favourites from my childhood. I know THE LAND BEFORE TIME means a lot to me when it happened to be Don Bluth's style not Disney's. If you're looking for a Dino movie from the studio, I suggest it to be the similar and forgettable CGI movie DINOSAUR (click here). Been too proud to admit it, the characterisations and voice acting were all aged timelessly and unforgettable joined up with Bluth's spectacular animation. It has brought down by the weak standards of pacing and editing horrendously contributed by either Spielberg or Lucas.

James Horner's score of the movie I praise was vividly gorgeous to hear. It has many ways to enhance the music, make it as light-hearted, dark or emotional in depth. I have almost forgot one of the supporting leads Spike was actually a baby stegosaurus and he looked like a dinosaur from a different kind. Confused, don't I?  Not one of his best and I agree with the creator's opinion for not intending the movie to be in 69 minutes.

The majesty still remains behind in the old prehistoric classic THE LAND BEFORE TIME for it is bound to be needed to be watched for future and younger generations. Find it someday and save up your money for the first, don't get me started on the other instalments that most are particularly bland and demeaning.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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