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Grown Ups 2 Review (Updated)

Grown Ups 2 

Release Date:
19th September 2013 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures (presents)
Happy Madison

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 101 minutes
                 94 minutes (DVD)

Budget: $80,000,000

Box Office Gross: $246,984,278

Plot Summary
Lenny has relocated his
family back to the small
town where he grew up.
But between old bullies,
new bullies, schizophrenic
bus drivers, drunk cops
on skis, psycho grade
school girlfriends and
400 costumed party
crashes as he find out that
sometimes crazy follows

Adam Sandler - Lenny Feder
Kevin James - Eric Lamonsoff
Chris Rock - Kurt McKenzie
David Spade - Marcus Higgins
Nick Swardson - Nick Fillard
Salma Hayek - Roxanne Feder
Jake Goldberg - Greg Feder
Cameron Boyce - Kethie Feder
Alexys Nycole Sanchez -
Becky Feder
Maria Bello - Sally Lamonsoff
Ada-Nicole Sanger - Donna
Frank Gingerich - Bean Lamonsoff
Maya Rudolph - Deanne McKenzie
Nadji Jeter - Andre McKenzie
China Anne McClain - Charlotte
Kaleo Elem - Ronnie McKenzie
Alexander Ludwig - Braden
Jackie Sandler - Jackie Tardo
Tim Meadows - Malcolm Fluzoo
Steve Austin - Dennis "Tommy"
Shaquille O'Neal - Office Fluzoo
Taylor Lautner - Frat Boy Andy
Steve Buscemi - Wiley
Oliver Hudson - Kyle
Colin Quinn - Dickie Bailey
Georgia Emge - Mrs. Lamonoff

Director - Dennis Dugan
Based on Characters/
Screenplay - Fred Wolf
Based on Characters/
Screenplay/Producer -
Adam Sandler
Screenplay - Tim Herlihy
Producer - Jack Giarraputo
Cinematography - Theo van de Sande
Film Editor - Tom Costain
Music - Rupert Gregson-Williams

Practically a joyless and sometimes offensive comedy is the best way for me to describe this terrible motion picture. With GROWN UPS 2, I was sceptical that it would ever be able to surpass the standards of its underrated predecessor (click here). Surprising it beat its competitor, the non-comedic movie PACIFIC RIM (click here) at the box office triumph in the US but not worldwide. The safer and alternative film received better reviews and was preferred by audience than the mediocre sequel. Adam Sandler got back together again with Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade as the main four members of the cast leaving Rob Schneider not to reprise his role as the fifth character from the first hit. It all makes logical that they appeared to be trying their best and Sandler ended up having the tiring and the derivative humour he wrote.

WWF wrestler Steve Austin appeared in one of the small roles and treats his part like an extended cameo. Unfortunately, it's not good enough that former TWLIGHT bad boy Taylor Lautner is here to save the movie of it's less than mild reputation. Serving up the movie is some of the comedic parts to make it partially-redeemable for an average movie-goer who would have wanted in it. Enough is enough on GROWN UPS 2 to be criticised of its factors, not one of the best of its apples nor is it the worst movie in history. A good thing I never live to this comedy and it will not be the all-time horrible. Just in case you are wondering the worst movie I have seen is BATMAN & ROBIN (click here).

My recommendation, the film is in below of average-ness and next time I hope Sandler will make a better movie which I will judge at the next screening. Watch GROWN UPS 1 without wasting your money to try the second part.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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