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Film Guru Lad's Top Movie Villains: Part 2 (Updated)

Just finished with looking at part 1 of my hand-picked dastardly movie villains, haven't you! The list goes on with another one of my favourite menacing foes I've selected, you have to recognise them with your hate. It's evidently down to two more parts before the final top 3 of these despised evil characters. Oh, and don't mind about the error about 'Ernest Goes To Camp', I was trying to have it fixed when I accidentally set it to automatic not staying to its original date.

If you haven't looked on the first part of my top evildoers or either missed it, please (click here) for your viewing.

#11. Syndrome (The Incredibles)

There you have it, Syndrome
may have not been the 
strongest or yet have any 
superpowers to make him 
a super-villain. He was once 
a crazed-fanboy to the world's 
greatest hero Mr. Incredible 
and desperately wants to be 
his sidekick. Sadly, his idol 
only works alone, thus feeling rejected to lead him against the supers. A genius for techno-wizardry and easy for Syndrome to make his inventions lure the former supers into their deaths and become as one. To me, he is the only villain from a Pixar flick I most sincerely enjoyed and none of these villains are compared to Syndrome. 

#10. Hans Gruber (Die Hard)

In real life, the terrorism within
criminals can be quite
dangerous and so you not want
to list all the past and recent
ones in history just so you
won't have yourself killed or
your house bombed. Hans 
Gruber is the first one to be 
fictional and he does all the 
bad threats in the first 'Die Hard'
film. The variable acts he does 
are extremely worthy of his 
character, this includes the 
one where he attempts to 
eradicate and murder the people he held them in hostage. I now consider Hans to be the film's only character I favoured and it gives Alan Rickman to be in such a big break for he would soon portray these villainous types.

#9. Lord Voldermort (Harry 

Okay, we now explored many 
more of my favourite arch-
foes. What about a dark 
wizard, our only known 
example of these evil wizards 
is Lord Voldermort of the 
'Harry Potter' series. Appeared 
facially as part-reptilian that 
might be from his dark magic. 
He is a half-blood biased 
against Muggles and firmly 
seeks ambition to be the 
more powerful sorcerer than 
Dumbledore who brought 
him to be his student and now became his unbeatable enemy. Voldermort does all of the dirtier deeds and this one takes the cake in trying to kill Harry Potter ever since he was a baby. Almost everyone who never opposes to face the dark wizard except for Harry. To be fair, he was the ultimate villain where no one would dare to speak of his name. He appeared in just only seven of the eight films with almost having the role of the main antagonist.

#8. Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)

If you only have ever seen a
male villain, think again, we
have a femme foe whose name
is Bellatrix Lestrange and she
is far more worse than his
master Lord Voldermort. Not
only she is loyal to him and
followed his order, unlike
many others who are afraid of
him, she is also notorious for
murdering her distant cousin and Harry's godfather Sirius Black. Evil and racism may have yet runs in the family of Malfoy, not with Bellatrix that she is ultimately mad and had sadistic tendencies. Particularly when one of the victims she tortured was one of the main heroes of the saga. This is the only real female antagonist I choose apart from Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman or some before her.

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