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Jingle All the Way Review (With Guest Reviewer)

Jingle All the Way

Release Date: 21st November 1996 - Australia 

Production Companies
20th Century Fox (presents)
1492 Pictures

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 86 minutes

Budget: $75,000,000 

Box Office Gross: $129,832,389

Plot Summary
High powered businessman 
Howard Langston is hard at 
work taking last-minute 
orders from customers to 
whom he just can't say no, 
including his son Jamie who 
asked for the hottest action 
figure in the season -- Turbo 
Man! Unfortunately, Howard 
is facing one BIG problem.
It's Christmas Eve and Turbo 
Man has been sold out since 

Howard's down-to-the-wire 
trek to find Turbo Man quickly 
turns into an odyssey wilder 
than he could have ever 
imagined. In the course of his 
seemingly-endless Yuletide 
misadventures, he finds 
himself in a no-holds-barred 
fight-to-the-finish with a crazed 
postman named Myron who is 
out to claim the last Turbo Man 
for his kid. It's enough to scare 
away even the bravest of men. 
But for Howard, this is war -- 
and he's determined to win...
no matter what!

Arnold Schwarzenegger -
Howard Langston
Jake Lloyd - Jamie Langston
Sinbad - Myron Larabee
Rita Wilson - Liz Langston
Robert Conrad - Office Hummell
Phil Hartman - Ted Maltin
James Belushi - Mall Santa

Director - Brian Levant
Writer - Randy Kornfield
Producers - Chris Columbus, 
Mark Radcliffe and Michael 
Production Designer - Leslie McDonald
Director of Photography - Victor J. Kemper
Film Editors - Kent Beyda and 
Wilton Henderson
Music - David Newman

Review (Film Guru Lad)
Now if you're wondering if I will be reviewing a Christmas themed movie to celebrate this festive time of the year. I have hence decided to review JINGLE ALL THE WAY starring the one and only Arnie Schwarzenegger. Having seen and critiqued some of his previous action-oriented film roles of tough guys and killer machines. This is a downturn of what will become Arnie's second greatest of mistakes and I feel so sorry for my favourite actor. Arnie is cast aside Sinbad in a movie that is nothing great nor compared to his over-the-top performance in next year's BATMAN & ROBIN (click here). While JINGLE ALL THE WAY has its displays of comedy in the holiday tradition contained in a very-well decent story and exceptional humour. This is a tough break for Arnold that though he was an action hero and made a few films that were apparently comedies, it is unable to break the mould of his preferred genre.

I feel that Arnie was miscast in this movie, I would have preferred to see Robin Williams or Steve Martin take the reins in this comedy, we also have featured in this film, another notable actor who is a child by the name of Jake Lloyd. This young-talented chap went on to became 9-year old Darth Vader in THE PHANTOM MENACE (click here), his dull acting certainly wasn't helping to save the movie from few of its lacklustre choices. 

I am displeased to have to be the one to criticise this film of its flaws being that I am an Arnie fan but I endeavour to be un-biased and honest. In closing, I will say that JINGLE ALL THE WAY was merely an average seasonal gift and it could have being improved if the talent of comedian Steve Martin or the late Robin Williams had been put to work.

Star rating: (5/10) Average

Review (Guest Reviewer)
If you are looking for a movie that is funny, family orientated, well-written movie which celebrates the Christmas spirit in a joyous and comedic way, than this would probably be a good movie for you. I have watched this feature a number of times and it just seems to be funnier each time. The actors are well cast, Arnold so accurately portrays an overworked, stressed father who just wants his son and wife to think the world of him. Sinbad, Jim Belushi and Phil Hartman all fit the bill perfectly for each of their role and seem to work together in this movie really well.

Particular scenes that really stuck with me in this film were the scene where Arnold becomes jealous that his next door neighbour is baking cookies with his wife and yell in a loud voice to his neighbour "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN". Also the scene where Sinbad and Arnold have a fight and chase scene to see who will be the first to claim the infamous Turbo Man toy from the radio free give away offer. There are truly no dull moments in this movie, it flows at a nice pace and does not get boring at any parts. It is appealing to all ages and offers well-written comedy of a Christmas theme that is unparalleled by any other movie I have seen to date.

I would say, this movie definitely has a good re-watch value and would certainly recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it. I would also like to say that it is nice to see Arnie cast in a different kind of role outside of his usual action hero work and demonstrate his versatility as a multi-skilled actor. Thanks for listening, and please feel free to leave feedback. : )

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie


  1. So terrible, but hey, you know what? I really wanted a Turbo man doll after this, so I guess something worked out in the end. Good review.

    1. Well do not go trying to watch few of Arnie's pitiful attempts at comedy again except for Kindergarten Cop and thanks again for leaving me a comment at this tab!