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The Big Year Review (Updated)

The Big Year

Release Date: 1st March 2012 - Australia

Production Companies
Fox 2000 Pictures (presents)
Red Hour Films
Deuce Three
Sunswept Entertainment
Dune Entertainment (made in association
Ingenious Media (made in
association with)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 95 minutes

Budget: $41,000,000

Box Office Gross: $7,448,385

Plot Summary
Looking to shake up their 
routine lives, three amateur 
watchers compete to 
become the ultimate "birder" 
by spotting the greatest 
number of species within 
a single calendar year. But 
the friendly rivalry soon turns 
into a hilariously complicated 
cross-country adventure as 
each man begins to realise 
that the quest for success 
comes at a price - and that's 
not chicken feed!

Jack Black - Brad Harris
Steve Martin - Stu Preissler
Owen Wilson - Kenny Bostick
Rosamund Pike - Jessica Bostick
Rashida Jones - Ellie
Anjelica Huston - Annie Auklet
Jim Parsons - Crane
JoBeth Williams - Edith Preissler
Brian Dennehy - Raymond Harris
Dianne Wiest - Brenda Harris
Anthony Anderson - Bill Clemens 
Tim Blake Nelson - Phil
Joel McHale - Barry Loomis
Kevin Pollak - Jim Gittelson
Calum Worthy - Colin Debs
Stacey Scowley - Vicki
John Cleese - Historical 
Montage Narrator (Cameo)

Director - David Frankel
Inspired on Novel "The Big 
Year: A Tale of Man, Nature
and Fowl Obsession" - Mark
Screenplay - Howard Franklin
Producers - Karen Rosenfelt,
Stuart Cornfield and Curtis Hanson
Co-Producer - Brad Van Arragon
Production Designer - Brent Thomas
Costume Designer - Monique Prudhomme
Director of Photography - Lawrence Sher
Film Editor - Mark Livolsi
Music Supervisor - Julia Michels
Music - Theodore Shapiro

I must say, it felt somewhat of a task to have to sit through the two hour entirety of THE BIG YEAR; its stars which included Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin were unable to recover this movie from being a corny second rate comedy bomb. Honestly, there is nothing very special about this movie, although there is the occasional laugh present in some scenes of worth-watching. This tolerable comedy's setting is mainly about bird-watching and I'm not interested in this old-fashioned hobby, having to make fun of the concept is an extremely difficult challenge.

The three actors Jack, Steve and Owen whom I've already mentioned, are a dream team of comedians, but it was disappointing that they have to sit through a film that is partially a comedy. Few of the other actors like Jim Parsons of BIG BANG THEORY did a good job on the supporting roles but I should wish his character would be given more of a presence, instead of him being under the radar.

I do certainly enjoy the occasional comedy film, but it should be more of a drama and THE BIG YEAR simply does not cut the mustard or the cheddar!

Star rating: (6/10) Fair Movie

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