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The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Release Date: 10th November 1994 - Australia

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Touchstone Pictures (original 
Skellington Productions Inc.

Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: G

Runtime: 73 minutes

Budget: $18,000,000

Box Office Gross: $75,082,668

Plot Summary
Can Christmas be saved? 
Bored with the same old 
scare-and-scream routine, 
Jack Skellington, the 
Pumpkin King of Halloween 
Town, longs to spread the 
joy of Christmas. But his 
merry mission puts Santa 
in jeopardy and creates a 
nightmare for good little 
boys and girls everywhere!

Voice Cast
Chris Sarandon - Jack 
Danny Elfman - Jack 
Skellington (singing voice)/Barrel/
Clown with the Tear Away Face
Catherine O'Hara - Sally/Shock
William Hickey - Doctor Finklestein
Ken Page - Oogie Boogie
Glenn Shadix - Mayor
Ed Ivory - Santa Claus
Paul Reubens - Lock

Director - Henry Selick
Based on a Story and Characters/
Producer - Tim Burton
Story Supervisor - Joe Ranft
Adaptation - Michael McDowell
Screenplay - Caroline Thompson 
Producers - Denise Di Novi and 
Don Hahn (2006 3D Version)
Art Director - Deane Taylor
Visual Consultant - Rick Heinrichs
Set Designer/Dressing Supervisor - Gregg Olsson
Animation Supervisor/Animator - Eric Leighton
Director of Photography/Visual Effects Supervisor - 
Pete Kozachik
Film Editor - Stan Webb
Music: Lyrics and Score - Danny Elfman


1994 Academy Awards
Best Visual Effects - Peter Kozachik,
Eric Leighton, Ariel Velasco-Shaw
and Gordon Baker (Nominated)

Delighted with an ageless movie THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS which master director Tim Burton considers as one of his cinematic treasures. This movie comes gift wrapped with loads of joy and entertainment for family and children not to mention there are frights to compel and surprise young viewers from the inside. This festive stop-motion movie doesn't need to rely or dwell on promises intended for Burton-lovers to seek forward of its famed status, art-style and fast-pacing length. This is known to be his first animated pantomime feature that helped others like himself and its director Henry Selick to get into the claymation technique and create some more others in using that animation like CORALINE, CORPSE BRIDE and the most recently overlooked FRANKENWEENIE (click here) shown in the 21st century. I hardly ever going to watch this again along with some other movies from the legendary director or maybe perhaps I like to instead revisit one of his old favourites like EDWARD SCISSORHANDS? 

This overly-sensational animated musical is not without liveliness or catchiness of Danny Elfman's brilliantly done lyrics for the numbers. I have no idea that Elfman is thrice the composer, singer and songwriter of the movie's rhythmical flair, one could imagine if he could have been nominated for an Oscar for one of the film's best songs. The actors are equally amazing with each of their character voices from such unparalleled and notable names including Catherine O'Hara and Chris Sarandon.

I can't give enough thanks to Tim Burton in creating THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS as dark, gloomy and cheerful to make a holiday classic which is unusual to begin with. I recommend for enthusiasts of Burton and animation that this excellent work is for you to watch and to do so will put a smile on your face!

Star rating: (9/10) Excellent Movie

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