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The Emperor's New Groove Review (Updated)

The Emperor's New Groove

Release Date: 5th April 2001 - Australia

Production Companies
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Feature Animation

Walt Disney Studios Motion
Pictures Australia

Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 78 minutes

Budget: $100,000,000

Box Office Gross: $169,327,687

Plot Summary
In this animated comedy 
from the folks at Disney, 
the vain and cocky Emperor 
Kuzco is a very busy man. 
Besides maintaining his 
groove, and firing his 
suspicious administrator, 
Yzma; he's also planning 
to build a new waterpark 
just for himself for his 
birthday. However, this 
means destroying one of 
the villages in his kingdom. 
Meanwhile, Yzma is hatching 
a plan to get revenge and 
usurp the throne. But, in a 
botched assassination 
courtesy of Yzma's right-
hand man, Kronk, Kuzco 
is magically transformed 
into a llama. 

Now, Kuzco finds himself 
the property of Pacha, a 
lowly llama herder whose 
home is ground zero for 
the water park. Upon 
discovering the llama's 
true self, Pacha offers to 
help resolve the Emperor's 
problem and regain his 
throne, only if he promises 
to move his water park.

Voice Cast
David Spade - Emperor Kuzco
John Goodman - Pacha
Eartha Kitt - Yzma
Patrick Warburton - Kronk
Wendie Melick - Chicha
Kellyann Kelso - Chaca
Eli Russell Linnetz - Tipo
Bob Bergen - Bucky the
John Fiedler - Old Man

Story/Director - Mark Dindal
Story - Chris Williams
Original Story - Roger Allers
and Matthew Jacobs
Story Supervisor/Additional
Story Material - Stephen J. Anderson
Additional Story Material -
Don Hall and John Norton
Producer - Randy Fulmer
Production Designer - Paul A. Felix
Cinematography - Thomas Baker
Film Editors - Tom Finan and
Pam Ziegenhagen
Songs - Sting
Music - John Debney


2001 Academy Awards
Best Music, Original Song "My Funny Friend and Me" -
Sting and Dave Hartley (Nominated)

THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE was pretty hilarious for Disney to make something more light-hearted and whimsical in the tradition of flicks such as ALADDIN (click here) and the horrible HERCULES (click here). The plot scenario is meaningful, humorous and nothing is said of the fact that this underrated movie had certain developmental hurdles during its production such as removing the songs by Sting and changing the story at the last minute. The best things about this movie I narrowly point out are the voice acting chemistry by David Spade and John Goodman. Their characters are total opposites and essentially their characters make progress in learning to accept each others' differences. Furthermore the other mentionable two stars Patrick Warburton and the late Eartha Kitt, perform with much extreme energy as the two villains.

THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE is considerably the zany and funniest animated movie that I ever seen and I would say that it almost reached the heights of the success before SHREK came in surprise for the audiences. NEW GROOVE should not be mistaken for an animated musical as it certainly is not.

Star rating: (9/10) Excellent Movie

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