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Edward Scissorhands Review

Edward Scissorhands 

Release Date: 21st March 1991 - Australia

Production Companies 
20th Century Fox (presents)

20th Century Fox Australia

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG

Runtime: 103 minutes

Budget: $20,000,000

Box Office Gross: $86,024,005

Plot Summary
Once upon a time in 
castle high on a hill lived 
an inventor whose greatest 
creation was named 
Edward. Although Edward 
had an irresistible charm, 
he wasn't quite perfect. 
The inventor's sudden 
death left him unfinished, 
with sharp shears of metals 
for hands. 

Edward lived alone in the 
darkness until one day a 
kind Avon lady took him 
home to live with her family. 
And so began Edward's 
fantastical adventures in a 
pastel paradise known as 

Johnny Depp - Edward 
Winona Ryder - Kim
Dianne West - Peg
Anthony Michael Hall - Jim
Kathy Baker - Joyce
Robert Oliveri - Kevin
Conchata Ferrell - Helen
Caroline Aaron - Margery
O-Lan Jones - Esmeralda
Vincent Price - The Inventor
Alan Arkin - Bill

Story/Producer/Director - 
Tim Burton
Story/Screenplay - Caroline 
Producer - Denise Di Novi
Production Designer - Bo Welch
Costume Designer - Colleen Atwood
Special Makeup Effects and
Scissorhands Producer - Stan
Director of Photography -
Stefan Czapsky
Film Editor - Richard & Colleen Halsey
Music - Danny Elfman


1991 Academy Awards
Best Makeup - Stan Winston and Ve Neill (Nominated)

I have been meaning to watch and review EDWARD SCISSORHANDS for quite some time now. As a child, when I first saw it, I was amazed and the film always stuck in my memories. I thought it was a sinister horror flick about a demented psycho killer, no, what was I thinking! It was showcased instead as a dark fantasy drama and even now, it's still a beautiful well-told story about this outcast character who is isolated and misunderstood by the society. Johnny Depp did a heartfelt and graceful performance as the man whose hands are built out of scissors and has an innocence of a fragile human being. If Depp was not cast to portray this warm, gentle person, it is my thoughts that pop singer Michael Jackson instead could have been a good alternative as the lead actor for this film! Funny of how that he was rumoured to be considered for the title role and was rejected for not being versatile enough in film acting. 

Other actors that continue to do exceptional performances besides Johnny includes Winona Ryder and Vincent Price of which this is one of his swan songs where he sincerely acts before his passing. I was breathless that half of the set pieces of the suburban areas and cities are built to be as colourful in the contrast to the Gothic mansion where Edward lives. I was then enamoured by Danny Elfman's beautiful, breathtaking compositions of his dramatic score and it greatly enhances the magic and beauty of this story.

After two hours of re-seeing this movie of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, somehow this ended up as Tim Burton's and Johnny Depp's first and better feature together and pave the way to their close working partnership of films to come as the main team of director/lead actor. Time would tell that everyone else who may yet to experience it will be further recommended as shown below in the film's star rating.

Star rating: (10/10) Best Movie Ever

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