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Spectre Review


Release Date: 12th November 2015 - Australia 

Production Companies
EON Productions
Metro Goldwyn Mayer (copyright holder)
Columbia Pictures (copyright holder)
Danjaq (copyright holder)

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 148 minutes

Budget: $250,000,000

Box Office Gross: $880,674,609

Plot Summary
A cryptic message from
James Bond's past prompts
him to set out to uncover
a sinister criminal
organization called SPECTRE
(SPecial Executive for
Terrorism, Revenge and

While M battles political
forces to keep the secret
service safe alive, Bond
peels back the layers of
deceit to reveal the terrible
truth behind SPECTRE.

Daniel Craig - James Bond
Christoph Waltz - Franz Oberhauser
Lea Seydoux - Madeleine Swann
Ralph Fiennes - M
Monica Bellucci - Lucia Sciarra
Ben Whislaw - Q
Naomie Harris - Eve Moneypenny
Dave Bautista - Mr. Hinx
Andrew Scott - C
Rory Kinnear - Bill Tannen
Jesper Christensen - Mr. White
Alessandro Cremona - Marco Sciarra
Stephanie Sigman - Estrella
Judi Dench - M (Uncredited)

Director - Sam Mendes
Based on Characters - Ian Fleming
Screenplay - Neal Purvis,
Robert Wade, John Logan and
Jez Butterworth
Producers - Michael G. Wilson
and Barbara Broccoli
Co-Producers - Daniel Craig,
Andrew Noakes, Stacy Perskie
(Mexico) and David Pope
Production Designer - Dennis Gassner
Cinematography - Hoyte Van Hoytema
Splinter Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator - Gary Powell
Fight Choreographer - Oliver Schneider
Splinter Unit Director/Picture
Vehicle/Special and Miniature
Effects Supervisor - Chris Corbould
Visual Effects Supervisor - Steven Pegg
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM - Mark Bakowski
Film Editor - Lee Smith
Main Titles Designer - Daniel Kleinman
Composer: James Bond Theme -
Monty Norman
Music - Thomas Newman
Writer/Performer: Song "Writing's on the Wall" -
Sam Smith
Writer: Song "Writing's on the Wall" -
Jimmy Napes

SPECTRE is a film of good quality and lasting value, but it isn't the movie that I hoped that it would be and does not meet the standards of the series quintessential feature SKYFALL (click here). It was better than the subpar QUANTUM OF SOLACE (click here) which was served with plot errors and not having Q in the movie which is such an integral character to the Bond formula. SPECTRE began with a pre-credits opening that any Bond fan would expect to be more explosive than the opening of the previous movie. The plot is a little lopsided and the length is too long where some unnecessary footage revolving politics should have been cut out of the film. But on a positive note, the movie takes viewers on a journey through new exciting locations of which some of these scenes are filmed on location not in a studio. This makes a big difference in terms of making the environments and locations more realistic and believable. 

I was surprised that the English actor Ralph Fiennes would undoubtedly be taking over Judi Dench's character as the new chief of MI6 after starring in its predecessor for a small supporting role. I do believe that any movie-goer who follows Quentin Tarantino would recognise the actor Christoph Waltz as having played a Bond villain, but the true identity of his character is not revealed until three quarters through the way of the movie and this delivers a suspenseful twist for anyone who has followed the Bond franchise from the start.

This may not be the best time for Bond fans who may have really had their hopes up after SKYFALL. In contrast, this movie is nowhere near as good but still it does have some unmistakable large-scale action, fine acting and occasional laughs. I would recommend watching this, if you have not seen it. 

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie 

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