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Cocktail Review


Release Date: 1st December 1988 - Australia

Production Companies
Touchstone Pictures (presents)
Silver Screen Partners III (in 
association with)
Interscope Communications 

Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures Australia

Genre: Drama

Rating: M

Runtime: 98 minutes

Budget: $20,000,000

Box Office Gross: $171,504,781

Plot Summary
Tom Cruise is electrifying as
Brian Flanagan, a young,
confident and ambitious
bartender who, with the help
of a seasoned pro, becomes
the toast of Manhattan's
Upper East Side. But when
he moves to Jamaica and
meets an independent artist
Jordan, their vivid romance
brings a new perspective
to the self-centered bartender's

He realises that he has found
someone who can teach him
some important truths about
love, happiness, and most
importantly, about who Brian
Flanagan really is.

Tom Cruise - Brian Flanagan
Elisabeth Shue - Jordan Mooney
Bryan Brown - Doug Coughlin
Lisa Banes - Bonnie
Laurence Luckinbill - Mr. Mooney
Kelly Lynch - Kerry
Ron Dean - Uncle Pat
Gina Gershon - Carol

Director - Roger Donaldson
Based on Novel/Screenplay - 
Heywood Gould
Producers - Ted Field and
Robert W. Cort
Director of Photography - Dean Semler
Film Editor - Neil Travis
Music - J. Peter Robinson

I know what you're thinking about COCKTAIL, a film that I am regretfully announce that was definitely not a highlight of Tom's career. However, I feel this film was seriously underrated. This picture was criticised of the plot as been corny and to come across as being cheap and cheesy. In all honesty, I have to admit that I disagree with the general negative reception of this feature as I feel it is a non-stop watchable guilty pleasure. Tom Cruise soon redeemed his honour with the release of the drama entitled RAIN MAN (click here) later in that same year. When watching COCKTAIL, it was very over-the-top with its fresh comedy and heartbreak, I enjoyed seeing Tom with his smug-faced charm and his masterful bartending skills. It compliments the film for what is shaken not stirred and redeems itself from the horrendously underwritten concept which was so predictable and presented no real values.

The chemistry between Tom and his co-star Bryan Brown provide this sort of a love/hate relationship where they begin as close friends but Tom has his trust betrayed and this leads to a spiralling downfall. Eventually, they settle their disputes and once again mend their friendly bond. The soundtrack has some energy and excitations which compliments the overall quality of the film, especially the main songs from legendary artists/bands Robert Palmer and The Beach Boys.

My final thoughts for this picture is that if you're in the mood for a good midday movie with some strong points and real light-hearted 80s music, than this is a solid picture for you.

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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