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Office Space Review

Office Space

Release Date: 15th April 1999 - Australia

Production Companies 
20th Century Fox
Cubicle Inc. (Uncredited)

20th Century Fox Australia 

Genre: Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 89 minutes 

Budget: $10,000,000

Box Office Gross: $12,176,186 

Plot Summary 
Unable to endure another 
mind-numbing day at 
Intech Corporation, cubicle 
slave Peter Gibbons gets 
fired up... and decides to 
get fired. Armed with a 
leisurely new attitude and 
a sexy new girlfriend, he 
soon masters the art of 
neglecting his job, which 
quickly propels him into 
the ranks of upper 

Ron Livingston - Peter Gibbons
Gary Cole - Bill Lumbergh
Stephen Root - Milton Waddams
Jennifer Aniston - Joanna
Ajay Naidu - Samir Nagheenanajar
David Herman - Michael Bolton
Diedrich Bader - Lawrence
Richard Riehle - Tom Smykowski
Alexandra Wentworth - Anne
Joe Bays - Dom Portwood
John C. McGinley - Bob Slydell
Paul Wilson - Bob Porter
Kinna McInroe - Nina
Greg Pitts - Drew
Michael McShane - Dr. Swanson
Linda Wakeman - Laura Smykowski 

Based on "Milton" Animated
(Uncredited)/Director - Mike Judge
Executive Producer - Guy Riedel
Producers - Michael Rotenberg 
and Daniel Rappaport
Production Designer - Edward McAvoy 
Director of Photography - Tim Suhrstedt
Film Editor - David Rennie
Music - John Frizzell

One of the highest points of Mike Judge's career besides BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD and KING OF THE HILL is OFFICE SPACE. This comedy classic is a well known comedic satire that is considered to have high esteem among various critics. The film tells a funny story about a man who has zero tolerance for his job and from the minute, he walks in the door, all he can think about is the minute he gets to leave. Many people will relate to the experience of hating their job and for these people, I'm sure they will find this movie a hoot. I am sorry to say that this film was not a high point for me, so where do I start. For starters, I really can't relate to the satirical humour and for this reason, I did not find the humour funny. I found with this movie that with the exception of a few brief scenes that for the most part the feature was rather flat and unappealing for me

I feel sorry for the talented actors for giving good performances in this film who I feel could have been cast in better roles. Gary Cole is the standout performer because of his self-centred character.

I presume that OFFICE SPACE was overrated and was given more credit than deserved. If you agree with my opinion in this review, than I think it would be safe to say that this movie is not for you.

Star rating: (3/10) Disappointing 

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