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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Review

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Release Date: 26th December 1987 - Australia

Production Companies 
Warner Bros. Pictures
Cannon Films
Golan-Globus Productions

Genre: Action

Rating: PG

Runtime: 86 minutes 

Budget: $17,000,000

Box Office Gross: $36,700,000 

Plot Summary
Lex Luthor creates a new 
being to challenge the 
Man of Steel: the radiation-
charged Nuclear Man. 
The two foes clash in an 
explosive extravaganza 
that sees Superman save 
the Statue of Liberty, plug 
a volcanic eruption of 
Mount Etna and rebuild the 
demolished Great Wall of 

Christopher Reeve - Clark Kent/
Margot Kidder - Lois Lane
Gene Hackman - Lex Luthor
Mark Pillow - Nuclear Man
Jackie Cooper - Perry White
Marc McClure - Jimmy Olsen
Jon Cryer - Lenny Luthor
Mariel Hemingway - Lacy Warfield
Sam Wanamaker - David Warfield
Susannah York - Lara (Voice)
Damian McLawhorn - Jeremy
William Hootkins - Harry Howler
Jim Broadbent - Jean Pierre Dubois

Director - Sidney J. Furie 
Based on Comic Book 
"Superman" - Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Superman Motion Pictures 
Initiator - Alexander Salkind
Story/Screenplay - Lawrence 
Konner and Mark Rosenthal
Story - Christopher Reeve
Producers - Menahem Golan
and Yoram Globus
Production Designer - John Graysmark
Makeup Supervisor - Stuart Freeborn
Costume Designer - John Bloomfield
Director of Photography - Ernest Day
Stunt Coordinator - Alf Joint
Second Unit Director/Visual Effects Supervisor - 
Harrison Ellenshaw 
Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael Lessa
Film Editor - John Shirley
Themes - John Williams
Music - Alexander Courage

Hello, fanatical movie goers, this is RadDingo here, we'll be looking at one of the worst conclusions to a movie series that is conceived to end all the series production until it was paralleled in ten years later on the original Batman series with the god-awful BATMAN & ROBIN (click here). I would have looked at SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE of its flaws since I would have had the marathon to continue with maybe five or two more films reviewed in a circulation. Though produced by different filmmakers in a shoestring budget and edited notoriously with no regards for a huge pace. SUPERMAN IV was known to have been the red-headed step-child of the classic Donner/Lester quadrilogy and serves as a debonair package of cheesiness that is so bad to contain the inconsistent plotting, mangled editing, poor logic, cheap special effects and a moral that is meant to address how nuclear warfare is becoming a danger to mankind. A message that was actually brought up by the original actor who played the Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve.

It was meant to move over from the redundant slapstick direction that Richard Lester had overtook and embraced on SUPERMAN III (click here). I suppose that THE QUEST FOR PEACE is no different to its predecessor and has tried to at least make Superman fly again. Having two of the original actors back like Gene Hackman isn't going to have the damage repaired and not even Jon Cryer's performance as Lex's moronic nephew won't save the film from becoming an atrocity. I like to begin noting how SUPERMAN IV was at its huge missteps such as how they created the villainous Nuclear Man to look more as a reject than a worthy foe to Superman, then there's the sluggish moon scene where they battle each other in space and the flying sequence that was immensely recycled from the first instalment.

The fiasco of SUPERMAN IV made no chances but to tarnish the reputations of those who have worked on the movie's low budget scale. Even the late actor Christopher Reeve never got to be Superman again after this happened and even after his paralysis affected him in 1995, he may no longer return as the original Man of Steel. Several comic-book fans and movie-goers alike may want to instead watch SUPERMAN RETURNS (click here) and throw this second-rate addition into the bargain bin.

Star rating: (1/10) Worst Movie Ever

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