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Top 20 Star Wars Moments (5-1)

Sorry, I've been so tardy, It's been three days since I counted down this list while after watching the original films and the new one before but enough all about it, this is the last part of the moments that I have personally considered them in the top twenty. There had been some runner-ups that could have be on the list with moments such as the Battle of Endor, Luke entering the cave and the chase and skirmish around the Death Star is worth mentioning and there are endings that could have come to this list, so enjoy your views!

Be sure that anytime you'll give me feedback as you read them all in the beginning through its closing. You can click in to (20-16), (15-11) and (10-6) if you haven't seen these three parts. Also to remember that the reviews are needed to be checked again unless a few have been updated and before you know it, you'll be able to see 'The Force Awakens' on the big screen.

#5. Vader Redeems Himself (Return of the Jedi)

Probably the one of the good parts in RETURN OF THE JEDI before George mucked it up with a new piece of dialogue he added for Darth Vader to say "NOOOOOOOO!" before the character's eventual turn of redemption and sacrifice. Vader may not have been a good parent to Luke when at a few times, he tries to persuade his son into joining the Empire and then the young Jedi finally defeats him in their second round. Luke is then forced by the Emperor to kill him and refuses to do so which leads to his electrocution by the old Sith Lord. Though Vader has a change of mind and is able to save his son at the cost of his life by pulling the Emperor off his grasp and throws him to his doom. This leads to a emotionally poignant scene as the now redeemed Vader, now Anakin Skywalker lies dying while he begs Luke to take off his own mask to catch a glimpse at his lost humanity before finally resting in peace with the Force.

#4. Han Shot First (A New Hope)

I know what you're thinking but this scene wasn't completely forgotten from all of us when long after George Lucas changed the sequence from Han Solo shooting first to just Greedo and the worst is yet to come when Lucas keeps tinkering that scene in the latest upgrades. Not to mention that fans didn't like this inappropriate change and felt that it just had taken away the only aspect of Han's personality, seriously George! Long before George had this scene altered, it shows Han that while he was being confronted by the Rodian bounty hunter, prepares to use his blaster which he hides it underneath his table resulting a fiery blast that took Greedo in just one shot. Perhaps that Lucas is missing the point of Han is meant to shoot first and the fact remains that it was the only iconic moment that is sought after by those who only want the classic trilogy of its original versions. 

#3. Luke vs. Vader/No, I Am Your Father (The Empire Strikes Back)

Coincidentally on THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, the sequence where Luke faces his dark-side father for the first time in person remains as one of its most iconic lightsaber battle before the duel with Darth Maul in 'The Phantom Menace'. This wasn't the first time they fought, the both of them were in orbit around the attack on the Death Star as they never do see each other in their fighters. No matter how skilled and powerful is Darth Vader when compared to Luke when he is at the near end of his Jedi training. Vader is able to levitate many objects that he throws to the young Jedi and has disarmed him of his lightsaber. This scene ends with a horrifying conclusion that any child should be afraid when Vader tells Luke that he himself behind the mask is his own father causing his own son to let out a big "NOOOOOOOO!" upon being shocking of this discovery. Like father, like son, now we know where Luke gets his genes from and it was an iconic moment of reveal that no one ever expected when we first saw it. Behind this twist is that the scene was originally filmed to have Darth Vader say to Luke that Obi-Wan killed his father when it was unscripted to make sure this actual line wouldn't be leaked to anyone until it was dubbed by James Earl Jones to make sure that the real line is vocally performed.

#2. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul (The Phantom Menace)

Nothing can beat this truly magnificent scene of its masterful duel choreography and tension created as the only exciting moment aside from the exhilarating Podracing scene in the ambitious but flawed and unequally notorious prequel of THE PHANTOM MENACE. This climatic scene demonstrates the aptitude of a lightsaber duel and it starts off with Darth Maul arriving in the scene to deal with both of the unwanted Jedi as Obi-Wan and his soon-to-be-dead master Qui-Gon aka Liam Neeson are facing a powerful Sith Lord who has ignited his double-edged lightsaber and is in for the kill as only one should gain the upper hand for victory. While not too much as biblical in terms with the other lightsaber duels, it shows its key components with action, camerawork and the instrumental piece of "Duel of the Fates" composed by John Williams matches this scene in a extra detail of hard work. So much of this scene that it would have been picked as number one on the higher spot which unfortunately, now goes to the Trench Run in the Death Star moment.

#1. Death Star Assault (A New Hope)

Since all the other moment entries that were listed in the top twenty, I probably should mention this scene of the attack on the Death Star and is definitely the granddaddy of all space battles. The scene in which Luke and the Rebels are in its trench run as they are piloting their X-wing fighters to try and take out the Imperials of their original Death Star and TIE fighters that are lead by Darth Vader. Luckily, with a little help of Han in the Millennium Falcon, they managed to be victorious on that battle. Very climatic and epic in all of its cinematic portions that created a lot of stir to the audience at this round. It shows all the rousing action and innovative special effects that were combined to make this original space battle come true to the film and is proof that this was largely cemented as the greatest moment in the Star Wars series.

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