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Top 20 Star Wars Moments (10-6)

Two days from now after the long-awaited episode of 'The Force Awakens' is finally showing in theatres and I've yet to have that film until I go see it on Monday night. This list of the top twenty scenes of Star Wars are still counted down for the whole movie. Everyone should know that part one and part two are now published in this blog, we'll be continuing to look at number #10 to #6 on this section. The fact remains that we are so close of reaching the end of this list through No. #5 to No. #1. You better wait till tomorrow or after.

You can (click here for the part one) and (here for part two) that contained these previous entries through the beginning and the second, but there's no telling why of how you missed out on them.

#10. Destruction of Alderaan (A New Hope)

A nightmarish scene that demonstrates the Empire's power to bring fear and rule of destruction. The scene where a captive Princess Leia is forced to witness her home planet's demise by the Death Star after disclosing the hidden Rebel base that shows how the battle station is fully operational when it comes to destroying peaceful planets like Alderaan. The worst case of scenario is that Grand Moff Tarkin is responsible for ordering its obliteration even after knowing it wasn't the location of the Rebels. It affectedly killed millions that were on the planet and so much it caused a disturbance in the force as Obi Wan as he puts it "As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced".

#9. Battle Over Coruscant (Revenge of the Sith)

This opening in REVENGE OF THE SITH starts the prequel in a flash of style as Anakin and Obi-Wan are in a massive space battle attempting to board General Grevious' ship to rescue Palpatine. In there, they wound up with spider droids attempting to dismantle their fighters and a lot of action is going on with this space battle while attacking the droid fighters. This a sturdy action-oriented scene with a lot of brilliant cinematography and visuals involved and its thanks to a massive overload of CGI effects along with some witty dialogue that takes you back to the original trilogy like for lines include "This is where the fun begins".

#8. The Asteroid Chase/This is No Cave (The Empire Strikes Back)

After the rip-roaring moments of the Battle of Hoth and the destruction of the Rebel base, the Millennium Falcon is attempting to outrun the Imperial fleet of Super Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters. Han Solo heads to an asteroid belt to evade capture, much to the discomfort of everyone on board even C3PO finds it impossible in the survival of the odds in an asteroid belt when is told by Han "Never tell me the odds". It continues to ensue the chase with many TIE fighters being blown to bits for oncoming asteroids as Han and the others seek refuge in a cave below on a giant asteroid and find themselves dealing with Mynocks and having to escape the jaws of a giant space slug which Han is realised upon saying "This is no cave". This scene really put the special effects forward with the score by John Williams intact as a definitive moment of Star Wars.

#7. Opening with Star Destroyer (A New Hope)

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." Then STAR WARS lights up the screen and John Williams epic score announces the arrival of something truly special. This opening scene that starts after the introduction crawl, demonstrates the size and power of the rebels compared to the Imperial fleet. the camera position shows a tiny rebel ship being bombarded by laser fire by a star destroyer that literally swallows the rebel spaceship whole and then we are treated to invading Stormtroopers breaching the ship's interior and Darth Vader makes his grand villainous entrance. He surveys the carnage and continues to hunt for Princess Leia and the stolen plans. 38 years ago, this introduced us to a new world of science fiction and embarked us a scene that no other moviegoer has to forget.

#6. Battle of Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back)

Considering that the STAR WARS series was created under George Lucas himself, it was a plethora of large-scale action and innovative VFX (whether practical, CGI or both used in these films). The Hoth battle sequence remains at large as the second visually iconic moment of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and it shows that the Rebels are just more than capable of earning their victories in a war against the Empire. This scene proves it that the Imperials have successfully invaded the Hoth system and took down the Rebel base of its shield generators. Luckily for the Rebels however, they managed to destroy only two Imperial walkers and one Star Destroyer and were able to buy some time to evacuate into orbit. This full-scale action scene was produced at Star Wars' visual effects house of ILM (known as Industrial Light and Magic) and has gone untouched because of the use of stop-motion and miniaturised effects that were personally achieved on this film.

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