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The Cable Guy Review

The Cable Guy

Release Date: June 20th 1996 - Australia

Production Companies
Columbia Pictures
Light/Mueller Film Corp.

Sony Pictures Australia

Genre: Comedy

Rating: M

Runtime: 92 minutes

Budget: $47,000,000

Box Office Gross: $102,825,796 

Plot Summary
Recently dumped by his 
girlfriend, Steven Kovacs 
thought he'd have plenty 
of time to watch TV ...but 
that was before he met 
Chip Douglas! 

He's a cable guy with a 
few loose wires in his brain 
and a knack for taking 
over people's lives. Worse 
still, Chip wants a friend... 
and he won't take no for 
an answer.

Jim Carrey - Chip Douglas
Matthew Broderick - Steven Kovacs
Leslie Mann - Robin Harris
Jack Black - Rick
George Segal - Mr. Kovacs
Diane Baker - Mrs. Kovacs
Eric Roberts - Himself
Ben Stiller - Sam/Stan Sweet
Owen Wilson - Robin's Date
Janeane Garofalo - Medieval Waitress
Andy Dick - Medieval Host
David Cross - Sales Manager
Harry O'Reilly - Steven's Boss
Amy Stiller - Steven's Secretary 

Director - Ben Stiller
Story - Lou Holtz Jr.
Executive Producers - Brad Grey, 
Bernie Brillstein and Marc Gurvitz
Producers - Judd Apatow,
Andrew Licht and Jeffrey
A. Mueller
Co-Producer - William Beasley
Production Designer - Sharon Seymour
Director of Photography - Robert Brinkmann
Film Editor - Steven Weisberg
Music - John Ottman 

With the release of Ben Stiller's latest sequel of ZOOLANDER, I decided to take a trip over and refresh my memory with a classic movie that he directed with fellow comedian Jim Carrey. Though the second time that I've watched it again in its original DVD format, I feel that the comedy wasn't quite as dark or spine-tingling or as funny as everyone has said in recent times. This is Ben Stiller's first big-budget movie as director and he did a good job with this production. It's probably the first movie for Carrey where he plays a more serious character than his usual over the top antics. I've only enjoyed some portions of the movie but as I said, I haven't watched it many times. I notice in the film, Jim Carrey was having so much fun acting like a child and he greatly upstaged his co-star Matthew Broderick and even a few that were in supporting roles such as future players like Jack Black. 

This movie has themes which are part comedy and part thriller. I guess that THE CABLE GUY didn't compare and rank up to his earlier hits like ACE VENTURA, THE MASK and DUMB AND DUMBER (click here). Even in later years, he would be burgeoning into more seriousness with some of his other features that would dramatically propel his reputation into super stardom.

THE CABLE GUY tells a good story which is entertaining, scary, funny and sad all in the one basket. It is a movie which if you have not yet seen, I would recommend if you are in the mood for a something that is easy to follow and provides instant thrills with a well-paced engaging plot, then this would be worth a watch. 

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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