Thursday, 14 February 2013

Deep Impact Review

Deep Impact

Release Date: 18th June 1998 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures
DreamWorks SKG
Zanuck/Brown Productions
Manhattan Project

Paramount Pictures Australia

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 121 minutes

Budget: $75,000,000

Box Office Gross: $349,464,664

Plot Summary
Journalist Jenny Lerner 
is assigned to look into 
the background of 
Secretary Alan Rittenhouse 
who abruptly resigned from 
government citing his wife's 
ill health. She learns from 
his secretary that Rittenhouse 
was having an affair with 
someone named Ellie but 
when she confronts him, 
his strange reaction leads 
her to reconsider her story. 
In fact, a meteor, discovered 
the previous year by high 
school student Leo 
Biederman and astronomer 
Dr. Marcus Wolf, is on a 
collision course with the 
Earth, an Extinction Level 
Event. A joint US-Russian 
team is sent to destroy the 
meteor but should it fail, 
special measures are to 
be put in place to secure 
the future of mankind. As 
the space mission 
progresses, many 
individuals deal with 
their fears and ponder 
their future.

Robert Duvall - Capt. Spurgeon
"Fish" Tanner
Tea Leoni - Jenny Lerner
Elijah Wood - Leo Biederman
Morgan Freeman - Tom Beck
Vanessa Redgrave - Robin Lerner
Maximilian Schell - Jason Lerner
Leelee Sobieski - Sarah Hotchner
James Cromwell - Al Rittenhouse
Ron Eldard - Dr. Oren Monash
Jon Favreau - Dr. Gus Partenza
Mary McCormack - Andrea
"Andy" Baker
Blair Underwood - Mark Simon

Director - Mimi Leder
Writers - Bruce Joel Robin &
Michael Tolkin
Producers - David Brown &
Richard D. Zanuck
Production Designer - Leslie Dilley
Cinematography - Dietrich Lohmann
Visual Effects Supervisor - Scott Farrar
Comet Advisers - Carolyn & Eugene
Film Editors - Paul Cichocki &
David Rosenbloom
Music - James Horner

Hi, there! This is your fave critic Film Guru Lad, today's Valentine's Day, a time where people of opposite genders fell in love with each other and couples spend time together in this special holiday. Now I won't have time to review a romantic movie including old classics like CASABLANCA, instead I'll just publish a finished review of a feature that has some romance called DEEP IMPACT. Very similar to the another asteroid film ARMAGEDDON (click here) by Michael Bay, because it is scientifically accurate, never has any humour and includes the emotion and high intensity that makes the feature look more dramatic and in comparison to the latter. The story-line of the movie plays out realistically along with the character-driven scenes and I know that the most of the performances are good, the best actor in so far is Morgan Freeman and he is so wonderful.

For those who want to see the flick DEEP IMPACT, it's not fairly a dumb and cheesy summer-blockbuster like ARMAGEDDON, but it's meant to be a great disaster flick with a lot of experience that I reckon will bring teary eyes to the film-lovers.

Star rating: (4/5) Good Movie

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