Monday, 18 February 2013

What's Eating Gilbert Grape Review

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Release Date: 23rd June 1994 - Australia

Production Companies
Paramount Pictures

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG

Runtime: 113 minutes

Budget: $11,000,000

Box Office Gross: $10,032,765

Plot Summary
As this happily eccentric
slice of small-town life
unfolds, Gilbert's destiny
appears to be to keep an
ever-watchful eye on his
mentally impaired brother,
Arnie. However, when an
enchanting young stranger
catches Gilbert's eye, his
haplessly routine life
receives a much-needed

Johnny Depp - Gilbert Grape
Juliette Lewis - Becky
Leonardo DiCaprio - Arnie Grape
Mary Steenburgen - Betty Carver
John C. Reilly - Tucker Van Dyke
Kevin Tighe - Ken Carver
Crispin Glover - Bobby McBurney
Darlene Cates - Bonnie Grape
Laura Harrington - Amy Grape
Mary Kate Schellhardt - Ellen Grape

Executive Producer/Director -
Lasse Hallstrom
Based on Novel/Screenplay -
Peter Hedges
Producers - Meir Teper, Bertil
Ohlsson & David Matalon
Production Designer - Bernt Capra
Director of Photography - Sven Nykvist
Film Editor - Andrew Mondshein
Music - Alan Parker &
Bjorn Isfalt


1994 Academy Awards
Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Leonard DiCaprio (Nominated)

Surprisingly, I only discovered this movie in last year of 2012, I only seen the AMERICAN DAD parody with squirrels. WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE is a rather unique and fascinating drama picture that I didn't actually know about. In reflecting on the cast and characters, I begin with Arnie Grape where at the start, I don't really like this character because he is very troublesome and proves to be quite a handful for primary carer Gilbert. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio who provides great acting performance for Arnie who has an intellectual disability which I presumed him to be severely autistic and that was his breakthrough role that made him a star and last, there’s Johnny Depp who does a superb performance of the main character Gilbert Grape. Gilbert is a poor bloke who is so overwhelmed and under pressure from looking after his mother who suffers from obesity and his brother Arnie, I really feel bad for him.

WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE is my personal third best film of 1994, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I strongly recommend everyone to see this classic that everybody has heard of.

Star rating: (5/5) Best Movie Ever


  1. hello film guru lad
    I seen this movie sometime ago and agree with you it makes you feel for gilbert and what an amazing effort Leonardo put in.

  2. Hi FGL,

    Loved this movie (read book first - also loved). Great acting especially Leonardo DiCaprio. Not all that fussed on Johnny Depp but liked him in this.

    1. Me too, but I like DiCaprio the most.