Monday, 11 February 2013

Speed 2: Cruise Control Review

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Release Date: 25th September 1997 - Australia

Production Companies
Blue Tulip Productions
20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox

Genre: Action

Rating: M

Runtime: 121 minutes

Budget: $110,000,000

Box Office Gross: $164,508,066

Plot Summary
Annie and her policeman
boyfriend Alex decide to
take a romantic ocean
cruise together. Once at
sea, however, one of the
passengers, a disgruntled
computer genius named
Giger disables the ship.

Alex must now foil Giger's
plans and bring everyone
back safely to shore, but
how can he outwit a man
who can control the entire
ship from his keyboard.

Jason Patric - Alex Shaw
Sandra Bullock - Annie Porter
Willem Dafoe - John Giger
Temuera Morrison - Juliano
Brian McCardie - Merced
Christine Firkins - Drew
Glenn Maurice - Maurice
Bo Svenson - Captain Pollard
Mike Hagerty - Harvey
Colleen Camp - Debbie

Story/Producer/Director -
Jan de Bont
Based on Characters - Graham Yost
Story/Screenplay - Randall McCormick
Screenplay - Jeff Nathanson
Producers - Steve Perry &
Michael Peyser
Production Designers - Bill Kenney
& Joseph C. Nemec III
Director of Photography - Jack
N. Green
Marine Stunt Coordinator - Tom
Visual Effects Supervisor: ILM -
Stefen Fangmeier
Film Editor - Alan Cody
Music - Mark Mancina

I heard a few people that SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL didn't live up to the original SPEED film (click here) and being told of not watching it but I have one thing to say to the happy moviegoers, is this really the worst of the film sequels, well, let's find out. My strong views about SPEED 2 is that is lacking Keanu Reeves and his character. The plot being set on a slow cruise ship is less-thrilling than a bus on the first instalment and the acting of Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric. A few things in the film that didn't bother me is the humour and Willem Dafoe's fun performance as the quirky villainous hacker. I find it really intriguing that during the development of the sequel that the plot-line is meant to be used for DIE HARD 3. SPEED 2 is unequal to its predecessor and definitely not the kind of an ocean-liner action movie you want to see on Valentine's Day.

This film would have been different if it weren't called SPEED 2, it would instead be named CRUISE CONTROL, plus it will not include Bullock's character from the first movie and replace her with a different female character.

Star rating: (2/5) Bad Movie

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  1. Figured this was bad, I have always seen it on worst sequels lists. The first Speed is one of my favorite action movies though.