Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Fifth Important Message (Updated)

Hey, it's Film Guru Lad, I was so thrilled when everyone had gotten to notice that on to the right, you'll see the new category I've added on the label menu of which some of the action movies are part of the James Bond collection aptly titled the same name as the character. This was because of the recent Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', I had now summarised. All the Bond film reviews are now newly labelled in this classification. I've also popped in to make more updates on two of my less-viewable review posts of three well-known movies from director Chris Nolan that are still my favourites 'The Dark Knight', its sequel 'The Dark Knight Rises' and the mind-boggling 'Inception'. Now, why so serious that I didn't do more reviewing on some of the films Chris had done, prior to the upcoming release of his latest feature 'Interstellar'. I didn't watch much three of those films when I'm too busy doing on other features. I've also made changes to re-update my review of 'The Lego Movie', unless you already looked here at first. Also in a mere mentioning, I now relabelled and fixed 'Hugo' from the category of drama to the family section.

I will return to publish 'Skyline' this Monday at September 8th, don't forget to feed me some feedback when I least expect it or if you don't know how. As one character of a villain said it once on two films of 'TRON' when ending this message, END OF LINE...

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