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Titan A.E. vs Treasure Planet (Updated)



If you are wondering what happened to the article I posted 3 years ago, you want to know. I revamped and upgraded if you get the comparisons of the aspects when you find it's better, good or a tie. If you watched both TITAN A.E. (click here) and TREASURE PLANET (click here), you might notice the fact that they are very similar to each other. Both movies are animated features whose main character is a teenage boy who disrespects authority, lost his dad when he was young and would find something that will change his life forever. Both Cale and James found father figures in Korso & Silver who both inspire the boys and gave them self-confidence. Both Korso and Silver had ulterior motives and were actually using the boys for selfish reasons, but they do have a change of heart near the end of the movie when they feel responsible for the boys and by doing so save their lives. Unfortunately, both movies bombed at the box office and nearly ruined the 2D animation business financially meaning that neither one of them grossed. First was TITAN A.E. which is because people were unsure whether it's intended for teenagers or older science fiction fans while TREASURE PLANET for unknown reasons presumably similar, competition or that everyone was more interested in fantasy films than sci-fi. 

Now let the match begin!

  • Round 1: Characterisations
The first difference about TITAN A.E. and TREASURE PLANET, the characterisations are easy to find in both pictures. Let's start off with the two male leads who have daddy issues, Cale Tucker for an example, has been left by his father at 5 years of age just to quickly save the Titan ship into outer space from the Drej and before Earth meets its explosive demise. Raised by a friend then suffers from discrimination and gets picked on by other alien species for the result of his race being homeless drifters. Jim Hawkins on the other hand also has his background too, his dad left him when he was 12 for no good reason and singularly raised by his mother who yet tries so hard to put her son in comfort and keep him out of his troubled behaviour. For the paternal figures, Joseph Korso is of-course turns Cale from being so stubborn and never turn his back on him until the film's second half for it had showed us that he is actually working for the alien menace. Then he redeems himself near the end and thank god he regained his hope to save humanity's last relic. 

John Silver unlike Korso is a pirate who isn't hired by an alien race and is only motivated by greed when he seeks Treasure Planet, only cares for Jim to keep him off from discovering the mutiny and so he did after their short-lived bond. In the end, Silver firmly gives up the treasure and makes the decision to save Jim of his life without sacrificing himself at the cost of his own. Both films have supporting villains in Preed and Scroop who meet their demise for their treachery, one in the first movie who not only betrays Cale and his love interest for the Drej but also Korso, his superior and other traitor. The second, Scroop although not quite as backstabbing as the one we saw in TITAN, he still has his motives and never betrays Silver at the last step of his plan. He only does the threatening parts on him or question about his mutiny. That proves Preed from TITAN A.E. as the winner, only that he is slightly more treacherous and devious than the latter.

Thoroughly in two at each feature, they all had other characters to help or antagonize the hero. First at TREASURE PLANET, it had some of the likeable supporting leads save for the robot B.E.N who is an okay character but would have gotten a different personality instead of a loudmouth shown in the movie's halfway. At least he's not really aggravating as Jar Jar of Star Wars. The verdict, it's TITAN A.E. and it has a hunch of characters of having mature personalities and better developed.

Winner - TITAN A.E.

  • Round 2: Writing
At first, I couldn't figure out to for which is a better movie of its quality of writing and structure, now for TITAN A.E. it has a sharp-eye of humour and wit thanks to one of its writers, the legendary Joss Whedon, it's also traced of twists of which few scenes reveal like the one Korso is actually turning humanity's back in the first place. Unfortunately, there are some glaring holes that are featured in the plot. Perhaps the most noticeable is why did the Drej want to destroy Earth when they are afraid of what humanity might become. I will have to nominate TREASURE PLANET in terms of its story and all because there is not much more noticeable of these plot deficits and it's Disney's finest to craft a less-holed intriguing plot.


  • Round 3: Setting
Both TITAN A.E. and TREASURE PLANET involved space travel but set in two different settings, one is the dark and post-apocalyptic future of where Earth is destroyed. The other is an alternate universe where in the reality of space is now breathable and spaceships are modelled like 16th century galleons made with a blend of technology and wood. The feel of TREASURE PLANET is more like a science fantasy genre and nothing is very profound to Disney to craft imagination than Miyasaki did for anime.


  • Round 4: Voice Acting
If there is one thing that a cartoon should not be silent is the voice synchronisation. Together in TITAN A.E. and TREASURE PLANET, both of those features had a range of assembled celebrity talents like Bill Pullman, Martin Short, Drew Barrymore, John Leguizamo, David Hyde Pierce, Ron Perlman and the list goes on. First, we have the standouts here on TITAN are Matt Damon and Nathan Lane, while in TREASURE we have Joseph Gordon Levitt, Brian Murray and Emma Thompson. I have no question that there could be no way that two of each cast members are tied together instead of just one. Well splendid choice I given!

Winner - Tied

  • Round 5: Animation/Visuals
Both TITAN A.E. and TREASURE PLANET are present when it both combined 2D and 3D animation together and it is animated by the best crew from the two studios. In the hand drawn format, the latter is preoccupied by Disney and seems very good but sometimes the minor characters are merely based on the studio's style to appeal only young children. Only TITAN A.E. succeeds to be well-drawn complex that's because the character facial structure are of a signature style created by the team of Don Bluth. For at the least they succeeded animating the aliens and human to make it truly expressive. 

If we're done with the traditional hand-drawn seen in these two movies, what about the CGI enhanced visuals and some of the backgrounds on the backlot. TITAN A.E. maybe was perfect in most of the quality of the visuals except the ending for some parts which are quite unfinished and the directors seemed to be unhappy of that. It won't help that one of the effects companies worked on TITAN A.E. was the studio that later became 20th Century Fox's animated unit. The effects of TREASURE however were provided from Disney's in-house animation department through the magic of the Deep Canvas software. Succeeded without succumbing to age in time to beat TITAN once and for all that sometimes each of its animation beat out the rest.

Winner - TITAN A.E. - 2D Animation
Winner - TREASURE PLANET - 3D Animation

  • Round 6: Action
All of these two movies are maybe known for their sci-fi and futuristic settings, they have all of their action sequences that really got some of the older audiences hyped and excited for the jumpy impact. In TREASURE, there's hardly any violence in the picture at all despite consisting of some action and since this is a kid's movie. When in comparison to TITAN A.E., the movie came out before TREASURE had more exhilarating action and a lot of violence, explicitly shown when the character kills another by breaking its neck and some scenes show a lot of bleeding. Consider of what two movies share the principle of a PG rating classification, it doesn't matter. One animated movie is more action-oriented has got to be TITAN by far.

Winner - TITAN A.E.

  • Round 7: Music
The music from the two films are known for having original post-grunge and hard rock type songs by various artists aiming only at teens and adults. While the two film scores are mixed together with the tunes are composed by professional and underrated music artists. Eventually, TITAN A.E. would have needed less alternative rock songs as to so not undermine Graeme Revell's unsung score. TREASURE PLANET had only two songs and lessened by James Newton Howard's massive arrangements. I have decided to pick TREASURE PLANET that only supersede TITAN A.E.'s complicated array of both kinds of music. You are much easier to track down an out-of-print soundtrack out of a car boot sale or eBay.


Despite being the movies I loved and became rational cult favorites. Which movie is way better, the verdict by an unanimous decision goes to the heavy weight champion of the world! TREASURE PLANET all-because it had great story-writing and is more imaginative than the first one. The true cult status would lead Disney to leave their regrets behind and package the movie under their engrossing Diamond Editions and release it on Blu-Ray and DVD or more probably a theatrical re-release. So which one you will decide the more that you vote or can it be both?

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