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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Review

The Lord of the Rings: The Return 
of the King

Release Date: 26th December 2003 - Australia

Production Companies
New Line Cinema (presents)
WingNut Films
The Saul Zaentz Company (licensor)

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: M

Runtime: 201 minutes

Budget: $94,000,000

Box Office Gross: $1,120,237,002

Plot Summary
The final battle for Middle-
earth begins. Frodo and
Sam, led by Gollum,
continue their dangerous
mission toward the fires of
Mount Doom in order to
destroy the One Ring.
Aragorn struggles to fulfil
his legacy as he leads his
outnumbered followers
against the Dark Lord
Sauron, so that the Ring-
bearer may complete his

Elijah Wood - Frodo Baggins
Ian McKellen - Gandalf the
Viggo Mortensen - Aragorn
Sean Astin - Samwise "Sam"
Orlando Bloom - Legolas
John Rhys-Davies - Gimli/
Treebeard (Voice)
Billy Boyd - Peregrin "Pippin"
Dominic Monaghan - Meriadoc
"Merry" Brandybuck
Christopher Lee - Saruman the
White (Extended Edition Only)
Andy Serkis - Gollum
Liv Tyler - Arwen
Hugo Weaving - Elrond
Cate Blanchett - Galadriel
Ian Holm - Bilbo Baggins
Bernard Hill - Theoden: King of
Karl Urban - Eomer
Miranda Otto - Eowyn
Brad Dourif - Grima
Wormtongue (Extended
Edition Only)
David Wenham - Faramir
Sean Bean - Boromir
Martin Csokas - Lord Celeborn
John Noble - Denethor
Paul Norell - The King of the
Lawrence Makoare - Witch-king
of Angmar

Screenplay/Producer/Director -
Peter Jackson
Based on Novel "The Return of
the King" - J. R. R. Tolkien
Screenplay/Producer - Fran Walsh
Screenplay - Philippa Boyens
Producer - Barrie M. Osborne
Production Designer - Grant Major
Conceptual Designers - John Howe & Alan Lee 
Special Make-Up, Creatures,
Armour & Miniatures
Designer - Richard Taylor
Costume Designer - Ngila Dickson
Director of Photography -
Andrew Lesnie
Sword Master - Ben Anderson
Stunt Coordinator - George
Marshall Ruge
Visual Effects Supervisor - Jim
Visual Effects Supervisor: Weta
Digital - Joe Letteri
Animation Supervisor: Weta
Digital - Richard Baneham
Animation Supervisor and Designer: Weta Digital - 
Randall William Cook
Visual Effects Consultant - Mark Stetson
Film Editor - Jamie Selkirk
Music - Howard Shore


2004 Academy Awards
Best Picture - Peter Jackson, Barrie Orsbone
and Fran Walsh (Won)
Best Director - Peter Jackson (Won)
Best Adapted Screenplay - Philippa Boyens,
Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson (Won)
Best Art Direction - Dan Hennah, Alan Lee
and Grant Major (Won)
Best Costume Design - Ngila Dickson and
Richard Taylor (Won)
Best Makeup - Peter King and Richard
Taylor (Won)
Best Visual Effects - Jim Rygiel, Joe
Letteri, Randall William Cook and Alex
Funke (Won)
Best Film Editing - Jamie Selkirk (Won)
Best Sound Mixing - Christopher Boyes,
Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges and
Hammond Peek (Won)
Best Original Score - Howard Shore (Won)
Best Original Song "Into the West" -
Howard Shore, Fran Walsh and Annie
Lennox (Won)

In his moment of triumph, Peter Jackson has finally finished the original chronicles of LOTR by making everyone's favourite THE RETURN OF THE KING. Quite accurately, it remains as the second film sequel to win the Best Picture Oscar and in history it broke the world records for that. It almost ran longer than the classic movies directed by David Lean. The film pushed the limits in every aspect of the word achieving cinematic magic on the screen, so perfectly orchestrated and managing to craft a grand epic mega blockbuster hit. Might Jackson have spent too much of his time and resources to extend the film budget. The answer is no, as all of his hard work was paid off in the end, as he earned the Best Picture Oscar. He also spent mass amounts of the money to do the visualising and location scouting in both the islands of NZ to film the big finale of J. R. R. Tolkien's vision. That Peter Jackson we knew is an actually a visionary like George Lucas when he was creating Star Wars for the public display. 

Almost everyone thought THE RETURN OF THE KING was one of the huge tapestries to the motion picture industry. In fact, the entire movie is great but with the exception of the ending as I feel they should have concluded with a fade to black shot at the point where Frodo gets on the boat with Gandalf and the elves at the end. Instead that they had to include a unnecessary scene of Sam going back to shire. This should have been left in the cutting room archive. When years ago, I watched the last HARRY POTTER movie (click here) for the second time, a few people I knew thought its ending showed no gradual sense. My truer words describe that it's exactly the opposite to my opinion of TROTK's overstretched ending. There's nothing about RETURN OF THE KING than having the precious original cast featured together for a magical mystery tour. Main leading actors featured are Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen. I still think Orlando Bloom was the best actor of the movie. 

I'm going to re-watch THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS and THE TWO TOWERS, maybe sometime soon I will post a re-review on either one or both of these movies. THE RETURN OF THE KING is as good as a fantasy movie can possibly get, but would have been patterned stronger to edit the part out of the closing scene. I highly recommend watching this movie if you have not seen it. 

Star rating: (7/10) Good Movie

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  1. I though LOTR 3 was definitely the best of the franchise, it really tied up all the loose ends and was really sad that this would be the last of the set. I was so happy when the Hobbit was released and the fans can now relive the magic all over again. Can't wait to see the las Hobbit.