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Skyline Review (Updated)


Release Date: 11th November 2010 - Australia

Production Companies
Transmission Pictures
Rat Entertainment (in association with)
Relativity Media
Rogue Pictures

Hopstotch Films

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: M

Runtime: 93 minutes

Budget: $20,000,000

Box Office Gross: $78,693,371

Plot Summary
Jarrod and Elaine's trip to
L.A. was supposed to be
a fun weekend away to
visit Jarrod's best friend,
Terry. But when they are
awakened by mysterious
blue lights raining down
over the city skyline, their
weekend away quickly
turns into a nightmare.

As day breaks, the full
extent of the catastrophe
becomes clear. Tankers,
drones and hydra-like
machines are invading the
city. The human race faces
annihilation as thousands
of terrified people are
sucked up into the alien
ships. Inescapable and
seemingly indestructible,
it will take every survival
instinct they have to elude

Eric Balfour - Jarrod
Scottie Thompson - Elaine
Brittany Daniel - Candice
Donald Faison - Terry

Effects Supervisors - Colin
& Greg Strause
Writer - Joshua Cordes
Writer/Producer - Liam O'
Producer - Kristian James
Co-Producer - Paul Barry
Production Designer - Drew
Creature Designers - Alec Gillis and
Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Director of Photography - Michael Watson
Music - Matthew Margeson

An unnecessary movie that nobody in their right mind would purchase or bother watching it for the weekend. The action-packed terrorising sci-fi thriller SKYLINE disappoints all the sci-fi viewers. The film attempts to create a stimulating and exiting alien invasion theme, but the finishing results turns out to be a cheesy and mediocre flop. I find it to be a very boring and shallow flick, I regard myself as a true sci-fi film lover so when it comes to me watching a new sci-fi film, I usually have high expectations and I am sorry to say, this film did not even come close to my expectations. Especially seeing the ending that I felt unresolved and left you wondering who had won the battle anyway? The characters were completely non-organic and so of cheaply designed that it was impossible to try to immerse the viewer in the fictitious alien world. They usually don't know how to be human and if performing is not the only big obstacle, I don't know what that is. There are no more various problems to discuss this cold film in a certain way, next there is the good parts of the film. 

The aliens are similar to those in WAR OF THE WORLDS except that they have an organic brain but the rest I think is inside of their machinery. I love the visual effects, the aliens and starship truly designed of that render comes across as monstrous or wildly exotic. 

SKYLINE is conspicuously lacking a soul of its visualised distinct and to think, two brothers of effects maestros who know nothing about directing this film. It's otherwise known as SKYFALL and I'm not referring about the one film in the Bond series (click here) PERIOD! 

Star rating: (3/10) Disappointing 

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