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Battle for Terra Review

Battle for Terra

Release Date: 1st May 2009 - USA

Production Companies
MeniThings Productions

Genre: Animation

Rating: PG

Runtime: 90 minutes

Budget: $4,000,000

Box Office Gross: $6,129,529

Plot Summary
The beautiful planet of Terra 
was once a peaceful place, 
that was until the humans 
arrived. The last survivors 
from Planet Earth have 
travelled the galaxy looking 
for a new home and have 
launched an invasion to 
ensure Terra is it. It will take 
a miracle and the budding 
friendship between a local 
girl and a downed human 
pilot to not only stop the 
war but save the planet 

Voice Cast
Evan Rachel Wood - Mala
Justin Long - Senn
Luke Wilson - Lieutenant Jim
Brian Cox - General Hemmer
David Cross - Giddy
Amanda Peet - Maria Montez
Dennis Quaid - Roven
Chris Evans - Stewart Stanton
James Garner - Doron
Danny Glover - President Chen
Mark Hamill - Elder Orin
Ron Perlman - Elder Vorin
Danny Trejo - Elder Barum

Designer/Cinematography - 
Aristomenis Tsirbas
Screenplay - Evan Spiliotopoulos 
Producers - Keith Calder, 
Ryan Colucci, Dane Allan 
Smith and Jessica Wu
Film Editor - J. Kathleen 
Music - Abel Korzeniowski 

Happy new year, possums! I hope you'll forgive me for not publishing the first review at the end of last year, so here is the description, I hope you enjoy it! This movie came out the same year as James Cameron unveiled a moment to his audience of the cinema of what they'll never forget which is known as AVATAR (click here). This is one of the rarest pieces of animation that BATTLE FOR TERRA has faded in obscurity and was scoffed by critics. It is one of these films that simply cannot compete against its similar and aforementioned competitor on the box office. I would like to applaud its pretentious and unique art style that can only be found in various film festivals. TERRA is really a let down and is shaken by the cluttered story-making and brisk pace. The characterisations are interesting in this film; their designs however did lack a sense of realism and detail. The humans look like rejects of a Pixar movie and I'm afraid that they are going to have to look better to get my attention.

Shown in this CG aesthetic, the graphic imagery and ending is rather pleasing alike, but unfortunately, it won't save the movie of its missteps. I find some of the film's vocalisations entirely miscast; this includes Evan Rachel Wood, David Cross, Justin Long and Luke Wilson who did little to bring to these animated characters.

If Pixar's and DreamWorks' executives had gotten a hold of this project, then perhaps this film could have been a bigger and more impacting smash hit. This movie in my opinion came close to stumbling down to an all time low as the worst movie ever; I feel that due to the mediocre factors of TERRA, it should realistically be classified in the status as below average. For those of you who haven't seen BATTLE OF TERRA, I would recommend to you that you give this one a miss.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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