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Ernest Goes to School Review

Ernest Goes to School

Release Date: 14th December 1994 - USA
(Direct to Video)

Production Companies
Emshell Producers
Pacific Motion Pictures Corporation
Ernest Partners Ltd

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 89 minutes

Plot Summary
School was never this fun!
Ernest goes back to school
in order to obtain a high
school diploma and save
his job. Will he be the
"Class Clown" or the
"Class Brain"? Seems
obvious, but maybe not so.

Jim Varney - Ernest P. Worrell
Linda Kash - Gerta
Bill Byrge - Bobby
Jason Michas - Donald
Sarah Chalk - Maisy
Gaber Khouth - Rodney
Corrine Koslo - Miss Flugal
Russell Porter - Brad
Will Sasso - Russell
Duncan Fraser - Coach Decker
French Tickner - Principal Procter
Kevin McNulty - Axwell
David Keith - Squint Westwood
Ron Robinson - Coach Carson
Judith Maxie - Ms. Nichols
Fran Gebhard - Miss Cosgrove 
Betty Lynde - Miss Boyd
Bruce Arntson - Chick Hansen

Writer/Director - Coke Sams
Writer/Music - Bruce Arntson
Producer - Stacy Williams
Co-Producer - Tom Rove
Production Designer - Chris August
Director of Photography - David Geddes
Film Editor - Christopher Ellis
Music - Kirby Shelstad

Honestly with some of the goody humour and cartoonish gags resided in another but obscure Ernest instalment of ERNEST GOES TO SCHOOL. This is not what I'm experienced of growing up with the goofball Southerner who is portrayed and created by the late actor Jim Varney. From what I've heard, it was the first of the direct-to-video releases when it was made after the fifth and previous movie ERNEST RIDES AGAIN made a big risk for its studio to distribute itself without the assistance of Disney and has ended all hopes for future theatrical releases of Ernest. I feel how truly pitiful this sixth instalment became and I've noticed there were fewer scenes in this film which are poorly done. 

Once again, Jim Varney does another sensational funnier performance as Ernest but it’s not enough that this is the first movie for actor Will Sasso in which he plays as one of the two bullies who briefly torments Ernest. 

don’t think that it’s getting to be any better with a lot of weirdness. For all you hardcore Ernest fans out there, this is truly the weakest of the series and it really isn't the beginning of the series downfall or so it seems. Know what I mean!

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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