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Take Away Review

Take Away

Release Date: 14th August 2003 - Australia

Production Companies
Australian Film Finance Corporation 
Macquarie Film Corporation (in 
association with)
The Movie Network (in association 
Film Victoria (in association with)
Mondayatis Productions
Media World (produced with the 

Roadshow Distribution

Genre: Comedy
Rating: M

Runtime: 85 minutes

Box Office Gross: $927,582

Plot Summary
Tony and Trev are chalk and 
cheese, fast food foes and 
bitter enemies until the last 
battered save. Their rival 
take away shops are worlds 
apart but two doors away. 
But then one day, something 
bigger than both of them 
lands in their neighbourhood: 
A brand spanking new Burgies 
Burger chain.

Now it's war on the fish'n'chip 
shop floor as Tony and Trev 
must bury the hatchet to fry 
the big guys.

Vince Colosimo - Tony Stilano
Stephen Curry - Trev Spackneys
Rose Byrne - Sonja Stilano
Nathan Phillips - Dave
Matthew Dyktynski - Burgies Manager
Tom Budge - Tarquin
Brett Swain - Ken
John Howard - Burgies CEO
Dave O'Neil - Mal the Butcher
Alethea McGrath - Mrs. McLeod
Matthew Green - Sean
Peter Rowsthorn - Barry Burgie
Andrew Maj - Freddy Fry
Marita Wilcox - Mrs. Williams

Producer/Director - Marc Gracie
Screenplay/Associate Producers -
Dave O'Neil and Mark O'Toole
Producer - David Redman
Production Designer - Penny Southgate
Costume Designer - Monica O'Brian
Director of Photography - Peter
Music - Yuri Worontschak

I may not know a lot of the film's history but I do know this, after the satirical Aussie comedy THE CASTLE (click here) was a success in Australia, people from the film industry followed suit to this film's formula and thus began the rise of obscure pictures that have attempted to copy its success such as THE NUGGET (click here) and TAKE AWAY. After my second viewing of TAKE AWAY, somehow the movie's brilliant set-up has became a poorly-scripted mess is short on laughs with most of the flat jokes, shallow parody of the McDonalds restaurant and is only redeemed by social commentary and some decent comedy. TAKE AWAY has a truly wonderful bittersweet ending and introduced two of the unknown actors in the supporting roles like Rose Byrne and Nathan Phillips to audiences and they went on to have successful careers by appearing in recent major pictures.

Despite its potential to satisfy the audience as a bite-sized comedy to takeaway at home, it certainly isn't the best movie ever. If you want to skip watching this movie, then you are not missing out on much as it was forgettable.

Star rating: (4/10) Below Average

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