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Gremlins Review


Release Date: 13th December 1984 - Australia

Production Companies

Warner Bros.
Amblin Entertainment

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG

Runtime: 102 minutes

Budget: $11,000,000

Box Office Gross: $170,210,383

Plot Summary
Don't ever get it wet.
Keep it away from bright
light. And no matter how
much it cries, no matter
how much it begs... never,
ever feed it after midnight.
With these instructions,
young Billy Peltzer takes
possession of his cuddly
new pet. Billy will get a
whole lot more than he
bargained for.

Zach Galligan - Billy Peltzer
Phoebe Cates - Kate Beringer
Hoyt Axton - Randal Peltzer
Polly Holliday - Ruby Deagle
Frances Lee McCain - Lynn Peltzer
Corey Feldman - Pete
Howie Mandel - Gizmo (Voice)
Judge Reinhold - Gerald Hopkins
Edward Andrews - Mr. Roland Corben
Glynn Turman - Mr. Roy Hanson
Harry Carey, Jr. - Mr. Anderson
Keye Luke - Mr. Wing
Dick Miller - Mr. Futterman
Jackie Joseph - Mrs. Futterman
Frank Welker - Stripe/Various Gremlins

Director - Joe Dante
Writer - Chris Columbus
Executive Producers - Steven
Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy
and Frank Marshall
Producer - Michael Finnell
Production Designer - James H. Spencer
Creator: Gremlins - Chris Walas
Director of Photography - John Hora
Film Editor - Tina Hirsch
Music - Jerry Goldsmith

This is probably one of these movies in after seeing it first in a very long time that I had yet to review. GREMLINS was brilliantly conceived by writer Chris Columbus among the combined talents of Steven Spielberg and director Joe Dante after GHOSTBUSTERS (click here) made a huge impact and response to the cinemas with terror and hilarity on that very same year. I can remember GREMLINS from first watching it on cable television as a child and it brought me an impression of how was it that these impish creatures could come to exist if they are not created through unique effects and puppetry. I would define GREMLINS as having a darkly, twisted comical vibe and fright all over the place which shakes the balance itself to startle and amuse audiences. Apart from having Spielberg, Dante and Columbus into the directional team, there were the ensemble team of actors that I don't know of apart from young Corey Feldman and Judge Reinhold in the supporting leads, each gave a good distinction of their performance to the film in my opinion. 

There are no other movies in nowadays that can compare whatsoever to GREMLINS such as the director's other notable hits which includes THE BURBS (click here) and SMALL SOLDIERS. This film has a rewatch value and is one of those stories that always stay with you even, if you believe that there may be gremlins out there rampaging through household appliances or causing household mayhem.

Star rating: (8/10) Very Good Movie

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